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Some of you who happened to read my blog post regularly, maybe aware that I am doing my wardrobe overhaul now. I try to organize my wardrobe collections. And I have been doing that for the past few days. I actually had some of my good friend like Jasmine Karsono giving me input on what to do and not to do. All tips from friends are very useful for me and make the project much easier to handle. click here to read my post about Jasmine Karsono.

Based on my discussion with some of good friends, I thought I want to share those points on this post.

I take this project seriously because of some reasons. I am budget shopper, I rather spend time to plan for it, instead of just go out there and grab what are the things around and regret it later. I don’t believe shop for junks, meaning you buy and throw because you realize at the end you are just being impulsive with your purchases. the second reason is because I don’t have so much time to stroll around Orchard or malls around just to do window shopping. My time is limited, I have other priority to do in life than just window shopping. Thirdly, I have specific requirement when come into fashion and style for me; I am wearing hijab, headscarf to cover my hair, my shape and size is something I need to work on as well when come into choosing the right style …hehehe. Lastly and the most important thing is I am a budget shopper. Being a housewife, I have to be thrifty with my shopping. I rather shop for quality over period of time, instead of being impulsive buyer for low standard stuff and end up throwing them away or giving them away.

So YES! I am taking my time to plan for this, just like the rest of my other shopping ….wink* … my dream camera. click here to read about that post on my blog.

So these are some points that I actually do, before I decide to go out there and do my shopping.

  • I sort my wardrobe. I try to match things around with my headscarf, accessories, bags, scarf, top and bottom etc. The more mixing I can do from one particular piece the more I know that this piece is worth to keep.
  • For things that does not inspired me at all with the current trend and very difficult to match around, I basically put them on the side and keep them safely inside one of my extra suitcase. I can give them away or keep them temporary just in case I can come back again and wear it. I usually try to keep them not more than 1 year. If it is more than 1 year, that means time to say good bye to them.
  • I list the things I have, check out Jasmine blog to have ideas of all the things I mentioned here. My list is divided into columns, top, pants, skirt, dress, shoe, bags, bracelets etc. You are not gonna believe it, I even upload this sheet into my Google account so I can visit them anytime and anywhere through my phone.
  • I browse the net for Fashion and Style to get inspiration and idea. From browsing the net, I can see what are the things that are trending now. Sample of types, models and patterns that are suitable for me. I even come up with a new blog for this project. I feel by actually recording my findings during browsing can help sharpen my understanding of which style suits me best. click here if you want to see that blog.
  • I explore the mall around Orchard and the one near home. I pick up some major retailer with brands or no brands. I browse around their collections, try them out and if possible take the picture of them. Trying is very important for me … because comfortable level is the most important part when buying clothes for me.
  • I come up with my shopping list after browsing the nets, the mall around and sorting my own stuff inside my wardrobe. The shopping list basically to complete my collections. These will be the major set that I can mix and match with anything and everything.
  • After I have the list then I can start to go out there and do my shopping ….:)

Currently I am making my shopping list and soon is the shopping TIME …. Wooooohooooo …..?!?!?!?

anybody want to join me ……?!?!?!?!?

Once again thank you to all my buddies who helps me with ideas on making this project come true … cerio …xoxoxoxx

nite nite ….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. A scientist is more objective than subjective. Thus female scientists are thus feminine by nature, but logical. Still mind-boggling the combination.Haha…..some thinking about your friend…I used to just go out and do shopping…now i penny pinch…becoming more feminine??

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  4. Ooooh dear….let’s face it. When it comes to fashion and styling…duh…I am a hermit.

    The definition of fashion is whatever stuff (clothing and all) that makes me feel comfortable in it. LOL

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