Character Building!

Just another few more months my daughter will go to her formal education era *Primary School*. I have so much hope that she can be independent by then and can run auto pilot. What I mean here, she will know how to manage her own self. She knows when is the time to play and to study, how to prioritize her time, how to keep up with her schedule, how to commit with her responsibility in school and at home and organize things around her.

For us …. character building …. is more important than everything else. I have seen enough in my life, including myself, sample of failures in life. A lot of these things have things to do with fail in character building during their life time and most probably their childhood. These adults have problem organizing and managing their life. They are far from being independent, and keep running back for help from others or their parents. They do not understand what is priority in life, they always tumble into problems in life. Some worst example are the social problems created by these characters. Social problems can be vary … drugs, aids, drop out from school, jobless, mental problems and even heavily in debt and many more that I can’t list one by one.

Therefore we put a serious effort to help our daughter understand what is the meaning of being responsible. Responsible covers a lot of aspect in life including discipline as well as quality of excellence. And she needs to understand all these attributes are not for display purpose or for the sake of showing off. She has to cultivate it and live the value for her own self good. Though she is the only child, but she needs to learn ONE day she has to be able to stand on her own feet and lead her own life.

And … like i had posted so many times on my blog, Role modeling is very important. Child learn better from the role modelling. Their role model will be their parents, teacher and adults around them. Therefore it is all going back to us, do we have given ample time to be their role model. Do we practice what we preach? Do we … our selves … understand the value of character building? These are all goes back to us as parents. There is no free ticket in life including parenting. What best effort you put those will be what you will cultivate.

Some of you might disagree … but it is very simple to analyze what I said here … just look around us. Simple and Easy! just look around us … each character around us be it our family, friends, neighbor, relatives etc, how they run their life, for good or for bad study it and analyze it … how is their childhood, how did their parents treat them, what value they are living on etc. You will understand, and you can take this as a lesson something you can reflect …. and remember NOT something to talk about, but something to reflect.

Some said …. nobody knows the future! The future is beyond your control nor imagination. But to me … it does not mean you give up and take it easy of the present time. Preparing for the future is still much better off than just waiting for the future to run over you unprepared.

All the best … cheers!