Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going!

Few days ago, I took a taxi home from Orchard after trying my best to give my final respect to Mrs. Lee which eventually unsuccessful. The que was too long to bare when I had to stand along with thousands more of others with my daughter standing just by my side. So I decided to give up my intention and give my well deserved respect to the Lady of the nation from far.

The passing of Mrs. Lee has actually surfaced my deep concern about Singapore, a country where I call home for the past 10 years. I have a very special bonding to this country since my daughter is a Singaporean. I try my best to put a closer look into this nation as a whole. I try to live by the code and understand deeper than what your eyes can see about this country. I try to understand why the society live their code in certain way which is different from others, and why certain things MUST be done on THIS way here. I try to understand the reason behind it than just take the face value of it.

So, on that day when I was inside the taxi, as what normally would be happened, you just can not avoid the conversation with the taxi driver. Honestly riding a cab in Singapore can be your best experience as a tourist. The taxi drivers here are mostly very friendly and informative. They become the representative for this country. Try it yourself if you don’t believe me! They can give you the insightful information’s about Singapore in general.

Back to my little chatting with the uncle! We started the conversation with the passing of Mrs. Lee that creates sadness to the society in general. We continued the conversation by emphasizing on Mrs. Lee personal achievement academically and as a wife and mother to our current Prime Minister. The conversation continues on until … both of us have to pause a bit when come to our concern for the future of Singapore.


The tittle of this post is actually the tittle of a new book which soon will be released. *Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going* wrote by Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. I think this is a MUST to have book for every Singaporean and the future generations. I am looking forward for this book myself enthusiastically.

Can we imagine if one day Mr. Lee will leave us and follow the wife? What would Singapore be? Can we … the rest of us … continue the progress of this Nation? Can we bare the social responsibility to keep Singapore Going?

despite the strategic economic position geographically like what everybody is claiming about Singapore, this country leaves with nothing else except the human resources. There are no other natural resources here, we even have to import for our basic needs. To bring Singapore from a 3rd world-class country to the 1st only in 1 generation or less than 50 years is a Miracle. There are many other countries which are older and richer than Singapore who still left behind and struggling with their own economic and social problem.

Singapore keeps progressing from one decade to another nonstop and full speed! The developments are strongly sounding here socially and economically. New structures, landscape, landmarks, international events keep popping up from time to time until we as Singaporean here lost, blur and hard to keep up. Sometimes, visitors or relatives who come here know more than us, they know what are NEW things here …. sadly to say!

All these are possible to happen because of the strong government that maintains the social stability that give them opportunity to focus on the development for the nation effectively and strategically. Yes … some might not be happy with the government here but some might be happy with them. I am only here for 10 years and still an immigrant, however I can proudly say, I am amazed and impressed with the progress of this country. And my impression goes deeper than just building, landmarks and the currency value of Singapore. It is beyond than just that! …. I live here, I breathe the air here and I see what is happening here … those are the valuable aspect I see.

Mr. Lee has done so much for this country and the nation. It might not be fancy or favorable for some, but he has done that for certain reasons and purposes. He has done his best to lead this nation. Singapore needs to be tough, precise and strong! If this nation does not have what It has to take to keep going …. Singapore might lose what it already has NOW! And go back to the square one. Read my post about the Kiasu parent here, I put the same concern about Singapore on that post.

Like what my friend Andy Ang said …. everyday is a battle! be it in parenting and being a responsible citizen for this country.

Your Singapore is Your future! The future generation decide what is Singapore to be ….

God Bless you Singapore!

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