My things to do!

Do you know how technology make our life much much more easy to maintain.Previously I have to list down all the things I have to do for the day on a paper or worse case is on a post it … so i can stick it wherever i want them to be. I usually stick them on a very strategically spot in the house like my computer screen or the mirror on my dressing table or my fridge. Yeah! Don’t laugh all these in order to get right on the spot attention from me so … I WILL DO IT!

But Now! …. everything is on my smart phone. Easy! very very Easy! All I need to do activate my Google calendar and link them up to my smart phone calendar. I happen to use android for my mobile phone so the calendar is a package deal on the application set up.

I can even set the reminder for each of the events! It will beep me timely, as I have set them up earlier. I can have a reminder through email which will beep on my phone notification as well as another reminder straight from the calendar to my phone. So for every events I can have 2 reminders! How wonderful it is right? I can set the first 12 hours before the events and the 2nd one 2 hours before it. So there is no way I will miss it.

Another good thing about Google calendar, I can set the repeated events on it as well. Like for example my daughter’s piano class, all I need to do is to make one entry and set them up to be repeated once on every week on specific day and time. Boom! it will just keep beeping you infinitely until you revoke them or set the end date.

Now Android have another free application : Jorte. click here for link.

This application is amazing! It connect to your Google calendar and you can update them through your phone or your computer via internet. And all you need to do is to sync the application so it will update the phone and the calendar on the internet.

Furthermore, it has a task to do widget as well. You can add this widget on your phone screen just like a post it in real time. You can actually scroll up and down to see what are the things you need to do and checked them out once it is completed.

I am glad I found Jorte on android and I have been using it for a week now. It is amazing application, and it is FREE!

If you are on android application for your smart phone … go and grab it. You can even scan the application from the website to install it right onto your smart phone.

Happy tasking everyone and VIVA Android! YAY …..


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