Learning piano for kids … don't give up!

I learnt piano when I was a kid. I remembered it was a hard thing to do especially when I just start to learn a new piece. Reading the notes is exactly the same as reading a book.

Furthermore , with a piano I need to use almost all my senses to play the piece ; my fingers/hands, my eyes, my ears and sometimes my feet. It was a stressful experience, sometimes I felt like I want to hide inside my room when I heard the sound of my piano teacher’s car just outside the house.

I did not complete my piano, and my parent’s was not really there to motivate me to conquer the piano lesson. I did not blame them for that, the situation was tough at that time that did not allow them to have enough opportunity to be with us at home. Both of them were working.

Now, this memory of my piano lesson came back to life, when I Sit next to my daughter and play the piece together. I know how hard this could be …. and what a child need more in order to overcome their fear ….

So … don’t give up Miza …. I am here just right beside you ….


2 thoughts on “Learning piano for kids … don't give up!

  1. Good Mum!

    I am still contemplating whether to put Aqila in piano class. He asks me about this, but casually and occasionally. He said he wants to learn to play piano so that he can play songs for me. Sweet…but am not sure he is serious. Maybe i should try ya? Because at present…i am the only one playing that poor so underuse piano. Hm…

    • Dy … for kids actually a lot of motivation, and we have to be strong and consistent too … sometimes i see kids are actually easy to manage just depend on the parent, how to redirect them and make them focus or paying attention. the problem is we tend to loose patient over it. i still think piano is the best option for a lot of positive impact on brain development. we are not aiming miza to be a pianist … we just want her to have a hobby one day that can help her with stress management hehehehe.

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