I remember my Dad …..

He was an ARMY officer back there in my home country. He is a very honest and simple man. He does not demand so much from life, he make do with what he has. He is trustworthy and honest on his dealing. That is probably why we are far from being rich …. :)

But yet … my dad is not that simple when come into social lime light. He prefers to be alone a lot of times, busy doing his exercise and gardening. His appearance always simple and neat, he is far from flashy things and branded stuff. Everyday he looks almost the same … simple T-Shirt and Jeans!

But above all … what I remember the most is his Parenting style toward me and my siblings. Being an ARMY officer he run the same discipline and conduct at home as well. He educate us to be responsible with what we are doing in life. His eyes like a hawk when come into detail.

I remember he will check each of our study desk at night without fail before we go to sleep. We have to make sure the desk is clean and tidy. No dust, no left over from pencils waste or even the eraser’s. The books must be neatly arrange to the shelf of the study table.

Furthermore …. we have one particular spot at home, where we have to hang our *ready* uniform and shoes and bags there. Before we go to sleep … they must be THERE! so no rush and crazy hours in the morning.

He also check our wardrobe! He used to pull all the clothes to the floor when he found they are not nicely arranged. I remember they must be folded nicely and stack in orderly manner.

When we have attitude problem, he will call us … he make us sit down in front of him and talk. Usually he always asked like this

“Do you know why I call you here ….?

Once he said that I know exactly I must had done something really wrong. LOL! I used to make a lot of errors in a day or even in hour ….so it could be a long list came from me.

But honestly! I respect HIM deeply and more now after I become a parent myself. I realized a lot of value that I carry today was part of his shaping up on my growing up years.

Yes! Not everything goes smoothly as what he expected maybe. I probably don’t make him proud in someway, BUT he never change ….

He is there for us even quietly and his modesty is without doubt. He teaches me to be true to your own self for good or for bad, honest in every conduct of life and take pride of being TRUE!

Thank you Dad …..