Music in my life …..

I grew up with music on my ears. It is not because my parents are musician …. but both of them adore music so much, so that everyday is a MUSIC day.

Both of my parent love music so much, and they have a good selective ears when come into music, especially my dad. We play many different types music in the house from classical music, jazz, bossanova, pop, easy listening and the retro 60’s.

My dad collect a lot, he used to go to Jalan Surabaya, an old road in Jakarta where you can buy second hand antique disk plates. He pays so much attention on the quality of this second hand items. He even has one corner dedicated for his music in our house ….

Every morning we will wake up with music, and it is even more hours after my dad claimed his early retirement from ARMY. the music is played almost all day in the house …..

Maybe because of that me and my sibling love music too. Especially my brother, he really has a fine ears and taste with music. Now a days, since i lived in Singapore, i lost touch with music … too busy with my daily schedule. I usually ask my brother to pass me his collections and enjoy his array of music.

But honestly …. music is very general! it can drive your mood too …. for bad or for good, off course!

this is one my dad’s favorite which became mine too …..

2 thoughts on “Music in my life …..

  1. Fine,
    Last night we watched DVD about David Foster and his Friends Concert in US. Oh dear…really, I realised it has indeed been awhile for me to have time to sit back and relax and just enjoy music.

    i used to play piano (usually by ears) after i listened to a good song piece. I think i will start doing that again…nevermind if i dont play well….it is just for me and my ear and my heart and it really help reduce my stress hehehe.

    BTW…Rida has a good collections of vynils/ LPs. And indeed it is totally different experience to listen to music from LP. The sound quality is so much better…much more detailed. Main yuk ke sini? hehe

    • dy ….. spend time doing our hobby is always fun. you are lucky you have your piano skill, how i wish i have too ….

      hubby also has CDs collection he also loves music especially Jazz and oldies. We used to listen to music together last time, now we hardly do that again … sometimes i wonder the older we are the little time we have for ourselves ….hiks :)

      enjoy your weekend with family yaaa dy!

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