Breakfast with Hubby ….

sometimes once in a while hubby will take leave from his work and stay home. it is not for holiday BUT it is for our quality time as couple. usually this is a good time for us to talk about so many things in life. we can spend hours to talk about what is happening in Singapore currently, the world, our daughter, our planning for holiday or some other subject.

usually after sending our daughter to school, we will go out for breakfast and continue by walking around the park. we just enjoy the nature around and sit down listening to wind breeze while chatting away.

it is always fun to spend time with hubby. so many things i can learn from him. a lot of his friend call him *a walking wikipedia* … especially when come to the world history and civilization. sometimes during our time together i can ask him question and we can end up with discussion about certain subject in history or civilization. he can tell me story about certain civilization and he make it very interesting. you can tell from the way he talk about it that he really loves this subject. Maybe this is also the reason that our daughter loves history subject as well. she has a fond of learning and finding out about the old civilization like greek and egypt.

during breakfast i also like to address my worry about our old days …. a lot of people talk so much about present time and forgetting about the old days. I agree in someways but it is always good to have a vision what you are going to do when you grow old …. it is interesting to find out and discuss about it with your spouse.

my husband is a man who thinks about the future. he is very cautious about it and he prepares for it carefully. this is also some of the reason that we live modestly in the present time. we don’t have car, we don’t live in private estate nor having maid. we rather allocate that funds for our saving for old days. we hope that we can live comfortably and enjoy our golden years together while watching our daughter grow up.

both of us now in our 40’s another 20 years we will be in our 60 … time flies fast without we notice it. and there will be *with God’s blessing* many more years to come for both of us to share our life together. it is very difficult to spend many years to come if both of us become stranger to each other. we are aware of it … that is why like what hubby always said …

“I need to spend time with you and maintain our bonding … because when we both are old, we only have each other. Miza will be busy with her own life and family ”

and he is exactly right …. from all the friends we have … our spouse will be our TRUE FRIEND at the end.

that is why …. i always appreciate his effort to spend his time with me … just chatting away …

thank you Hubby ………………….

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    • exactly! our spouse will eventually will be our only true friend at the end :) thank you Su, for coming over.

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