Stop Making Excuses in life!

have you ever met such personality in life where all they can do {Just finding Excuses to justify their wrong doing}. i might be one of them too …. life is too fast that sometimes we forgot the real lesson in life. we are trying to polish ourselves to look good and correct. we value public opinion more than finding the truth in our self. all these are the root of {find excuses in life}.

instead of admit that we are wrong and reflect on it, we are busy finding excuses. we push ourselves to be super creative just to create more excuses. we think by providing more excuses we can bend the situation and make it into our favor. something that is extremely wrong can be so damn right, just by throwing excuses in life to other people. without we realize it we blind other people of the truth of the matter as well as ourselves.

with {excuses} we buy time that make us live in a borrow time. we justify all things that are not important at all as important. we devaluate our ability to sustain the correct value in life of being HONEST. we solve the problem in a very short-term reposition. we only think of our own selves and forget about the others. we become lazy and living in a very low standard of moral. and many more terrible value and act that came from doing it.

this mental condition of {finding excuses} can be embedded in our own character without we realizing it if we are not careful enough. parent giving example to the kids and kids pick up the value and become their character or attitude toward life.

kids watch us like hawk! they know and they see when we lie and giving excuses in life. if they see this everyday and they take this as a norm in the family value …. automatically they will inbuilt it within their character. they think it is normal to find excuses in life. can you imagine that?

everyday is a battle.  a battle between good and evil. A battle of parenthood to mold the correct soft part onto our children character. because one day … they become an adult that will raise and walk on their thought and talk.

all the best all … Happy parenting!