Bad experience …. { backstabbing }

i actually had forgotten about it in my life, until one incident that triggered me back to this bad experience i had on one of my friendship. and from then onward the way i look at life in social term had changed dramatically.

i am not going to talk about this bad experience  because there is no good point about it. but it was indeed confirmed my judgement about this specific character.

what i need to do now, just to repack it  and put it back to where it is belong. i am not interested to do anything about it. sometimes in life there is thing that would be better to leave it alone and let time heal the whole thing. and i think i would prefer that way.

but the feeling of anger has came back to life again because of this incident. i just can not imagine such character with twisted mind that can destroy a relationship can ever exit. and the worst of all, this character can justify her right of doing such thing.

i am glad, i am not doing that …. i tell the truth, i am honest on my dealing, when i said A it would be A … for good or for worse. I don’t like to talk bad things about someone else and act differently in front of that person. And i really can not stand this kind of character. it is very difficult for me to trust, because i will never know what this person might do in the future.

backstabbing is really bad … don’t make it a habit. it is always good to say the true, even tough it might hurt that person. i believe when you lie to other you also lie to yourself.

not only backstabbing is bad to yourself but for others too. you can harm someone else reputation in order to gain your benefit. it is the same as cheating. you cheat others and others … and all your dealing are cheating. in a way it is a process of cheating a character.

oh well …. really i will never be able to stand a backstabber in life ever ….

p.s. i am so sorry because of this anger, i am glad i do not have ANYTHING to do with this person ANYMORE … period.