If i have to find a science teacher for my daughter ….

if  i must engage a science teacher at home … which probably we will, i would like to have someone who is not *just teaching*.

i am looking for someone who is a story-teller, someone who can tell story about science in amazing way. someone who can makes the constellation look so real and visible in the eyes of my daughter.

how i wish, i were smarter before, i paid more attention on my science subject …. if i had all those qualities, i probably telling story about science to my daughter almost every night.

today at our dining table, as usual we always have a meaningful discussion about many subject. my daughter just love to ask so many questions, some i am able to answer it, for some i have no clues at all that i have to keep it pending for her, which she will remember and will follow-up with me for the answer.

sometimes … i feel, i increase my general knowledge tremendously as i read along with my daughter.

her curiosity grows as her reading materials get wider, i can sense she is now moving onto the direction of science subject which i really fail big time in my life.

like tonight, she try to discuss with me about shadow, how shadow derive because of the sun light is blocked. we also try to discuss about camera obscura concept which was one of the subject of the book we just borrowed from the library. while we are progressing on our discussion, i feel my lack of content to bring out the richness of the discussion. how i wish i know more, so i can add more information. this is such the best opportunity to introduce concept or knowledge to a child …..

that is why, after we finished dinner while i was washing the dishes, i had this wish …..

“if one day, i will engage a science teacher at home for my daughter  { which we probably will }, i want a teacher like ……. bla bla bla { read on the top} … a teacher who make science close to the heart not just the mind”


2 thoughts on “If i have to find a science teacher for my daughter ….

  1. Ah, do not confuse content with science. Use your curiosity and your mind to help put things together.

    Why not make a camera obscura? They’re insanely easy to make. Get an oatmeal box with a translucent lid, punch a pinhole in the bottom of the box, then aim it at a bright light source (but NOT the sun, no sense risking your vision) and look at the lid. (You may have to shade the light around the lid.)

    You and your daughter can share your observations, maybe hypothesize why the image does what it does, then go read more about it.

    • thank you so much for your valuable feedback! yes! i just realize it as well, the best way to introduce science to kid is actually by doing science together. we had borrowed few books from the library with some science work to do at home, we are looking forward to do it together. together we learn … me and my daughter. once again, thank you for reading my blog, really appreciate it.

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