good {science} books for kidz ….

last week we picked up some children’s science books from the library who happened to be few of the set written by Gerry Bailey. Gerry Bailey wrote many other books for children that relate to general knowledge such as world history, science, scientist etc. i am not going to discuss about him, you can actually google his name and find out all about him as well as the books he had written so far. my amazon book store had run out of his books currently so i don’t provide link to my amazon book shop here. { oh, btw, i will be updating my amazon book store with all the books that miza had read as well, probably will be a good recomendation for you as well }.

We borrowed 4 books from this series: First Thousand years invention, Early civilization, Trade and Industry era and modern times.

On the book, not only the good and colorfull illustration that kids will enjoy reading it, it come with a good story to outline and introduce the reason behind the invention. Each chapter of the book start with a question : HOW! …. how can i get water to my crops? …. how can i find my way at sea? … can i save journey time? ……how can i power an automobile? …. etc.

after each question which is the header of the chapter, the author give some alternatives solution to the problem. * What can HE do ….*. and from then on the author introduce the concept of the solution, such as what is the combustion engine and how it works and so on.

furthermore, after a good explanation the author then give a page of *make your own ….*.  a page that guide us to actually create the invention ourselves at home. it tell us what we need to make it, and how to make it as well as the pictures provided.

it is an amazing books for parents to introduce some concept of science to kids. you can actually find out how the things work by creating the tools yourself at home with your kids.

the discussion can be very rich, since you have the story behind it, the concept and how the things work. and kids had actually proven the hipoteshis themselves, therefore the knowledge is acquired.

they are fun books … and there are a lot more on the library shelf. do drop by at the library and check out the children corner.

have fun …..