Little thing counts!

people don’t believe me when i said ….. “i don’t have time for chat, gossip or even hang out for nothing” …. hiks!

really … i got so many things to do, i am running the mad house myself, i am the operation manager, the chef, the financial officer, the coach, the tutor, the fashion analyst, the shopper, the rider and name all that ends with ~er.

that is why …. doing something for nothing is really something i just can not afford except blogging, facebooking or twitting. they are all instant, on the spot kind of thing and not necessary getting the feedback for follow up so that is the way i am going ….

it might sound selfish, but i have no choice it is the rule of surviving for motherhood while your kids are still in school. So .. YES! i am busy as all those ladies who wear heels and sit behind the computer desk from 8 to 5 ….

in order to navigate myself i depend on my handphone a lot … that is why i love android so much. if you see my handphone there are so much application running there, my quote is : eat, walk, write, read, browse and catch the BUS in the same time …. so got it right!

i update my account balance on wallet, bank, credit card from my phone, i catching up with news from my phone including all my crazy alarm that remind me of events. sometimes my phone keep beeping for many reasons, facebook notification, allert from twitter, foursquare allert and calendar allert. wuaaahhhh!!! “my daughter said … you are a walking alarm!”

i depend a lot of my calendar that fail to update once even can be so fatal. i learnt from the current incident … even small thing UPDATE! once you decide to depend on gadget, hold on it and religiously UPDATE it.

i did not update my calendar last month, for some reasons, i forgot to update my daughter school even which is actually very important. on the back of my mind is sometimes in November.

so, last week … as usual beginning of the month we will pick and choose events we want to attend and purchase the ticket from SISTIC … pick and choose, pick and choose and signeddd …. boomed! it is paid! 3 tickets in the row for either me or my husband and miza.

sudenly one even … voyage de la vie which are not cheap at all, happened to be in the same date as my daughter graduation date. Wuahhhh!!!! you can imagine my husband’s face with his thick eyebrow curving inward. “You did not update your calendar?”

….. how terrible i felt, one carelessness can bring out so much trouble at the end. NOW need to go to national stadium, begging SISTIC to allow us change the date ……..

that is why in life … small thing count! i learnt my lesson well ….