How Kids Can Benefit From Crossword Puzzles

via How Kids Can Benefit From Crossword Puzzles.

it started a few month back when i saw a girl probably on her primary school year doing her cross word while her sisters were reading books at border in orchard.

she was so deeply engross into completing her crossword. i see her doing it so fast from one words to another words. after a while watching her doing that, i saw their mom came over and showed them the cross words books she had bought for the girls. all the girls were cheering up to see the new books.

at that time, i was a bit stunt. i hate cross words, LOL, tell me which GOOD thing that I like when i was a kid? …. :p. only my mum loves it, she always did the cross words from kompas { one of the local newspaper in indonesia} . other than her maybe my brother and that is.

so when i saw those 3 girls were so happily embraced the crosswords books fed by their mum, i saw the *light* blinking on my brain. if they could enjoy it, probably miza would too. why not i gave it a try.

since then on i try to look for the cross words book, at popular, borders and times. sometimes i could not find them or they are just too expensive to afford. UNTIL last week at popular Pasir RIs, i saw a serial of cross word book along with sudoko in one shelft. the book is very affordable, $4.50 per book.

i quickly grab one, the 1st book for the cross word, and introduce it to miza. and true enough …. she just enjoys it. we did it together in the first time. i help her find some words by showing her how to do it. i also give her some hint how to do it, because the word can be formed diagonally, backword etc. i am not good in it, the only thing i can do is doing it together with her.

NOW she enjoys it, she even ask me if she can have time to do cross word before she goes to sleep. she had completed few works by herself without me helping.

and all the points illustrated on the article above are all true … there are so much GOOD things about cross words.

maybe you want to try to introduce it to your kids … GOOD LUCK!