The Finnish miracle – Academics & Activities

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this is a good article about the Finnish education system in a nutshell. Finland was ranked as the top country for their student performance. if you are an educator or involved with education in general, you will know about it for sure! everybody is talking about Finland, even UAE are willingly to pay a lump sum of money to build Finland education system there. they are not just importing the system, but the model of school as well as the teachers.

Education is the key for the nation progress! the poor education system will definetelly impact the progress of the nation. you don’t believe me …. just look around!

allright! i am not going to talk about this as a scientific paper, you can Google it yourself and explore what people said about the Finnish education system. But i want to highlight some important points from their education system that i can grab the most :

  • there is no sweat on their education system
  • there is no competition attitude
  • home environment in school
  • GREAT teacher! in fact Amazing quality of teacher
  • READING culture!

these are some outstanding qualities that i can pick up from the Finnish education system. off course! i have no doubt that Singapore is investing so much effort, energy and budget on their education system. however the approach of singapore’s education system is so much different compare to the Finnish. over here in Singapore, we are very competitive when come to education. from the young age the child learn how tough the competition can be when they face the streaming system during primary school.

what is the reason behind it? i don’t know! i guess singapore is a highly engineered society where everything is being calculated to the penny. every bliss of missfall can create a costly damage to the nation. it’s the KIASU thing that is hard to deny.

what are you going to do about it as parent! what can we make to make education as a better experience for our kids. hmmm … i am not an education expert nor my kid had proven excellence in her formal education system. she is just going for her primary school next year.

BUT my take on this are the following:

  1.  be confident – stay focus and think positive about the challange. a negative attitude will not bring us anywhere, it will just demotivate us and easily distract our focus and attention to the importance
  2. don’t sweat, if we sweat, our kid will sweat too. take learning as a fun thing to do. off course! extra effort is always count. laid back attitude will not bring us anywhere either. be proactive, look out for the opportunity that is managable and get involve.
  3. bring the READING habit as early as possible. i believe and believe on it strongly! Reading is the MOST important KEY for excellence in education. it is proven for thousands years since the human civilization exist. those who Read more KNOW more.
  4. implement POSITIVE attitude toward competition. honestly i don’t like people comparing their child to my child NOR i compare my child to other child. every child is special, they are unique on their own way. keep comparing them will not bring you anywhere, it can misguide us or mislead us to the wrong direction. focus our attention to our child best quality and emphasize on that. work on their own unique character. the more we know our child, the more we are able to help them progress. Furthermore, i hardly enforce my child to compete with other friend, i rather ask my chilld to compete with her ownself first. my child need to understand she needs to be able to control herself, once she can do that .. she is a TRUE winner.
  5. LOVE school attitude! no doubt about it … find the way and technique to make them love school, learning and knowledge. Singapore such a great country when come to this. we have great libraries for kids, museums, exhibition, activities that help build our children interest on acquiring knowledge . there are so much educational/learning activities for kids out there. it is always better to bring them for those activities  than just bring them for shopping, eating out or spending time in front of computer/ TV

oh well! my list can go on and on …. why not you add your own list to this and share it with the rest of us! parenting could be FUN if we know where our focus are!

all the best!