Asian in general is a school stress society …

i met my twitter friend @hiannie yesterday for the first time at bedok. it has been a while we chit chat on twitter or facebook, and finally we were able to meet up for the first time.

we have ONE common thing that make the discussion very rich and exciting … our fond of education subject. we just love to talk about it. the same as yesterday at Bedok’s market food court we were grumbling about how stress our role as parent in this living education system here in Singapore.

we also agree a mutual agreement between us and our spouse on how the education for our children should take on is one important key as well. it would be much easier to manage if both of the parent stand on the same ground and outlook about life and education in general for the kids.

when come to think about it … it is really true! Asian in general is a school stress society. take it to Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Philippines even Singapore ….we take a serious weight on educating our child in what ever mode/ system that were in placed. education can be very competitive in this society. education is measured, declared and published up there … it could be GOOD and BAD at the same time.

therefore parenting role become very crucial in this society, parent need to be there to balance out the stress that come from school as well as educating the soft part of children development. when there are too much weight put on academic result we might forget what is THE LIVING for ….

BUT look at the bright side! that is probably why Asian is leading now … technology, invention and knowledge base pull has grown so fast here in Asia. and this is the drive of the economic future … no doubt about it.

here we just don’t dream BIG, we build small structure and make it HUGE!