Haig Girls’ School ….

…. my daughter is going to this school next year ….


is a mix feeling for me all together. but most of all i am happy cause she is going to venture for more opportunities to excell in her education. i am also very enthusiastic to welcome the challanges that will  grow everyday for her as well as the process of growing up.

it might not be easy after all! who does know? but i really hope what ever preparation she had acquired during her preschool year can bring richness into her everyday life later.

i really hope she love the school, friends and study. 3 important aspect that help motivate her to do better everyday in school.

it might not be easy for her to adjust, since the school distance is quite far from home, she has to wake up very early in the morning to take the school bus and come back very late at the end of the day. and yet, she still has to complete all her school homework plus her other works.

we purposely chose this school and we had discuss about it since she was 3 years old. my husband purposely wanted her to enroll on this school despite the distance between home to school. my husband believe, the school environment, cultures and friends are very important. it will shape up her mental attitude toward learning and study. who she mix around with is another important factor! like the old saying : the bird of the same feathers flocks together.

we do hope she can be inspired by the friends around her to do and perform better for herself. she find her own self realization how important a study and school is for her personal self building. she will find hoby that can help improve her personality.

therefore we are willing to bare the consequences and commit our selves with her new years in haig girls’ school. we wish you all the BEST miza! cheers!