Primary One Preparation ….

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i have a good chat today with one of the mother at kumon while waiting for our daughters finishing up their work at the center.

it is always my pleasure when i met a mum who takes honor of her duty as the second teacher at home for their kids. the sparks of energy is very contagious that is why being around these type of mum always give a good volume of spirit on doing my duty as a mother for my daughter.

she seems to know what is going on at her daughter school. she knows the subject well, when is the test and what type of test on primary school, she even understand what roughly a kid would spend on their pocket money at school.

eventhough it is only a short conversation but she had shared a lot of good tips for me and i really thank her for that.

that is why i post this before i go off to send miza for her ballet class, few points that i would love to keep for my own benefit later.

1. join the parent volunter group if i have time and can manage it. a lot of good things about it, i have the opportunity to know what is going on in the school, what type of culture the school is running as well as students there. you can also have a good grapevine about things around the school as well as making friends with other parents in the school.

2. check the communication book/journal/diary or what ever we might call it religiously. failing of doing so make us miss out homework or any important thing to do from school.

3. everytime a topic or a chapter is close to finishing, spend time to brief or discuss with the child about the subject. a topic test might come at any time once the chapter is finished. and it is always a good habit to perform well even for a small topic test.

4. look out for test/exam schedule and plan out well with the kids on how to handle it.

those 4 i want to keep, and off course there are much more we discussed just now.

like i said … it is always good to meet up other mum with the same mission, i am always on the look out for them out there …