Tifatul Stands By His Tweets in the Face of Global Ridicule

via Tifatul Stands By His Tweets in the Face of Global Ridicule | The Jakarta Globe.

BleH! what a nice wrap up after obama long waiting visit to Indonesia which he called home, quoting his famous speech in front of prestigious university member ” balik kampung nih ……!” that create a masive respond from indonesian who happened to love him whole heartly.

this morning as usual i got my coffe and browsing news while reading my paper too. i almost choked the whole out of my coffee when i stumble upon Yahoo news about this trending topic. quickly i go inside twitter and facebook … HollyCow! this silly topic had actually been a treding since yesterday among the media socielitie in Indonesia that capture international attention and cook it even more with the news on their own country’s publishing tools.

what a world we live in …. i could not say more! my only hope when Indonesia will grow up wiser to understand the real root of their problem … Don’t talk about the country … but their individual self FIRST!

#prayforindonesia…. continuesly and endlessly until the light shine on them… God Bless you Indonesia.