MM Lee says entry into secondary schools based on performance – Channel NewsAsia

via MM Lee says entry into secondary schools based on performance – Channel NewsAsia.

this is on the headline NEWS on today’s paper as well as on TV yesterday, from his visit to 2 primary school in Singapore, MM Lee had specifically said :” It’s based on the social class of the parents, for they went into the better schools. Important thing is that at Primary 6, there should be a sorting out, and those who miss going to the good schools should get into the better schools, better secondary school”

getting into primary school in singapore is not through a tight selection process, unless you want to go extra miles as parent by sending your kids to school that might be far from home which required further balloting process. read here, my post regarding balloting system in singapore.

allright! i am not going to talk the same tone as the NEWS, you can basically look up for it and read it yourself. BUT i am more interested to highlight how fortunate we are living in this condusive environment in Singapore where education take the main attention by the government here. in this little tiny island the quality of the manpower become the main source of survival considering there is NONE natural resources existed here except trees and water.

for the past 10 years i can see the evolving of education progress here. more universities had been created as well as school. from the newspaper we can also read various of programs to improve the quality of education be it for teachers as well as the students. not to mention the infra structure for the education it self, the facility of the school, the library, the FREE entrance for the museums with continues outstanding exhibitions for kids to learn etc etc etc.

REally! it is a waste if you are living here with kids and wasted all these wonderfull opportunities this country has to offer for parents in order to help their child excell in school/study. 

despite the current trend about the street gang fighting that raising up to the attention of the media as well as the government, which conclude most of the gang member are kids from dysfunctional family. the Government had put serious effort to put Singapore education to the forth liner in the international arena. it is proven as NUS was among the top 50 universities accross the here for the statistic. the newspaper today had also highlight the re-structuring of the universities in singapore today in order to tackle more singaporean to gain  better education for better opportunities during their career life.

“The college will uphold principles of academic freedom. Faculty and students will be free to conduct research and scholarship and publish and to teach in the classroom,” said Prof Lily Kong, Vice President of University & Global Relations, at NUS.

so who knows by the time my daughter is ready to enter university we should not be spending time focusing on harvard or cambridge anymore … :p *dreamingmodeon*

oh well! All the best Singapore and keep striving your best stroke to educate the citizens! cheers!