You should be proud to be a Nerd!

Geek rule! Nerd Rock! this is the era of geeky and nerdy! check out the boom of social media today, if not because of THEM, we are back on industrialist era where cutting trees is the ONLY solution for everything.

BUT today … man oh! man you are missing the whole point if you think being geek is unCOOL. you must be living in the stoneage era if you are thinking that way.

if i could install a special software on my daughter i would prefer a geek version of girl to run on her operating system really! there are so much good stuff about them.

i was not a geek, not even close to one of my hair piece to be considered as one. i am the worst naughty student you can ever imagine in class. i cheated a lot during my test, i did not do my homework, my report book full of flying red colors and proud to be close failing in going to the next class. am i proud of that NOW? hell nooooooo, no way i am proud of being one. is a BIG regrettt!!! really, if i can turn back the clock, i want to be one smart nerdy ass in my school and working hard to aim for a scholarship to Harvard or Cambridge.

so really! if you have kids NOW … tell them … be a geek and be proud of it!

i read a parenting book , Bringing up Geek by Maribeth Hick, if you have not and want to raise a geek, read this book! this book giving you all the tips you need as well as all the good benefit of raising a geek kids in this modern era.

today and yesterday on the newspaper there are 2 writes up about being ones. both of them wrote on the forum : It’s cool to be uncool and uncool to be too cool by Sandra Leong published today and another one is I too know what I am fighting for by Zhong Heng published yesterday.  both of these girls wrote their growing up experiences, which happened to illustrate experiences by students who put their heart and soul on their study and strive on doing well on their later age. { look for the newspaper if you want to read them}

so … basically, YES! be a geek as much as possible, strive to be your best in school and perform well. they are SUPER Cool really! they are the true achiever of working so hard on their performance. don’t regret life later when you see your friends are doing well because they did their best on their education years.

all the best!