6 things i do while waiting for my kid studying

waiting for your kids studying can be very challenging, at least for me. a lot of evil stuff comes to my mind, boring, sleepy, impatient, demotivated etc etc etc.

BUT … i got to pull some magic somewhere to dust away all these evil spirit around me and pretend to be fully intact body and soul for her. because i know it too well, somehow my mood will impact her study too sometimes. off course she does not mind to study alone, provided i am busy doing something else like cooking or other housework activities. if i am not doing that, she demands for me to be around her just sit next to her while she focus on doing her work.

My friend! i am telling you this ain’t easy. you got to sit still and being alert. sometimes i could not take it i will just sleep next to her, and she really freak out when she saw me doing that ….hahahahaha.

So! i come up with these 6 magical spells that i had been doing for sometimes and it works!

1. take a good shower, make myself fresh! this is important, before i go and accompany her to study i do this. i prepare myself mentally to be fresh! beside when mum smells good, she will be happy too.

2. brew a fresh cup of coffe to zip while you are watching her doing work.

now the next 4 things i do is alternate, i do either one of them not together.

3. reading book, i take one of my book and read it while waiting for her. you will never imagine how many pages i can kill just by doing this.

4. twitting … yeah i do that! browsing my twitter, retweet and chatting on twitter

5. facebooking … browsing my facebook and reply here and there

6. blogging …. like what i am doing now ….

so those are the things i do to keep me awake while waiting for her study. it might be usefull for you too ….

good luck!