Geronimo Stilton … is your kid reading it?

it’s all begun at borders the book shop somewhere in orchard. at that time me and my daughter saw every kids were reading these books. almost everyone of them who are on primary school age. they are sitting quitely and reading as well as browsing these books. our neighbour kids are also reading it, when one of their mother saw miza reading the books, she started our discussion about this book. she mentioned to me that most of her son classmate are reading it as well.

there are 2 versions of this book: comic and story book with less pictures but super amazing fonts, they are colorfull and different sizes and types.

miza showed her interest on this book too, but i tought it was too early for her to read these stuffs. according to the info i got these books for kids in the age between 8 to 12. but everything changes NOW!

it started when she got her excellent result from her Kumon level up, we asked her what does she want for her prize, and she quickly says, she wants these books.

i quickly do the browsing about this book and discuss it with hubby, finally we agree to it and let her own the books. if you are interested to find out about this book, click here for the wikipedia info and here for their official website.

she started with 2 books, now she owns 4 of them, and she told us she want to grow these collections. she happened to love growing her books collections in set. she regards them as collections, she started it with few other books collections as well like “reading with robins” which told the classical story from all over the world.

oh well! for us, we support this hobby as it is a reading habbit and collecting books which is much better than just collecting toys! bare in mind she also collects harumika and hello kitty :p.

she takes pride of her collections! and is good a sign .. that means she take care of them ….

enjoy the clip: