Changing mindsets to build top varsity …

this is the pictures of NTU {Nanyang Technological University}, one of the best, eldest and bigest university in Singapore.

there have been several discussion on the forum or newspaper about the NTU placement in the international arena for the top university in the world as well as the replacement of NTU president Su Guaning which will be retired anytime soon next year. BUT … I am not going to talk about that, you can follow up yourself on the news or do your intelligent browsing from the internet.

what i want to keep on this post is the words which were well spoken by the NTU president himself Su Guaning on the table talk with Cheong Suk Wai the Senior Writer from Strait times

” I’d say that all the public universities here can be world-class, but I have a caveat: When we say we want to be world-class, we mean the Massachussetts Institute of Technology {MIT}. But MIT takes a very small number of the top cohort in the United States with 300 million people, while our local population is only 3 million. So we must have this public service mantra that we’re here to educate Singaporeans .. we’re not here to pick the very cream of Singapore and feel good about that.”