Look at Cece …..

we are so lucky to have such good neighbours, in our block we live on the top floor, and when you came out from our lift you are either turn to your left or right …. and we are on your RIGHT side. there are only 4 houses in the corner, ours and 3 other neighbors.

Mrs. Lam is the eldest among us, her children are all grown up and enjoying their early career life. and they are doing quite well as well in term or their job and education. miza calls them koko {big brother in chinese}, then we have jonathan and all her sisters next to us and cece {big sister in chinese} next to jonathan house.

Miza happened to be the youngest among them, but they grew up together. we moved here when i was on my 7th month pregnant, so all of these kids are basically growing up together. jonathan and cece are ready for the primary 6 next year, followed by their sibblings jessica and cristophe who are going for the primary 3 next year.

these kids are really close to my heart as well. i saw them growing up from the kids of kindergarten to primary school now. i am also proud with their performance in school as well. and i witness right in front of my eyes how discpline they are on working so hard on their education.

all these kids on the RIGHT* wing are super busy kids, everyday most of them going up and down the elevators to go for their extra classes, kumon, chinese tuition, piano, swimming, ballet etc on top of their school. their maid are also well trained by their parent to look after them. bare in mind all of their parents are working, so basically they are home with their maid except cece who has her grand mother stay with them.

but i really admire their mother discipline to make sure the kids are running on schedule. their maid knows that and they work well together with their mom.

among all these kids, CECE is become my role model for miza. she is very independent, sporty, bright, confident and down to earth. I salut her parents who groom her so well. She is very multi talented girl, she can do roller blade as well as the skateboard. i knew she hack the skill within few weeks of practice by herself, she reads BOOKS {4 books in one time}, she is doing well in her school and she plays piano so amazingly. i just love to hear her playing her works …..

i also like to tell miza …. ” miza look at cece, she is playing her piano so good, can you hear it?” OR sometime “miza do you know cece, she is doing very well in school too” etc etc.

so really …. if people said working mum can not work out their kids schedule, i would like to tell them … wait! look at my neighbour, they had done it ….

i think the main key is the parents, i saw their parents put so much effort on their kids grooming despite their hectic at work. when they come back from work, first thing they do … bring their kids to library, jog at the park or just cycling around …. bonding and family time does not only happend on week end!

good job daddy and mummy! keep up the good work kids … and all the best for you Cece for your Primary 6.

nite nite all …..