A very – engineered *society* – Singapore is ….

Once my hubby said in Singapore, there are more engineer who runs this country than just lawmakers … can you imagine this statement and put it into how Singapore was originally designed compare to today?

and if you read the papers, TV news you will realize a lot of things here are measured, compared, calculated and recorded. i am sure somewhere there should be a pull of database from every aspect of life in Singapore be it the numbers of graduates, the numbers of drop out, the numbers of baby born, the numbers house in every square meter, the numbers of trees in every kilometer, the numbers of water reserve against the total consumption etc etc.

in this barely little tiny country, everything has to be used to the maximize, waste or costly materials are deeply considered by the government. if you don’t believe me, we even preserve the rainfall that can be used as water to drink later on.

despite all of this, off course! there are still people who complains and are not happy staying here even they are the fresh blood of Singaporean. they still think government are not doing their job, government rip off the people money etc etc. { i love etc, cause it is just too much to type sometimes :p} But i guess these people should look other countries that are less fortunate than Singapore then they will know how they can treasure and appreciate what they have here, and give the best they can for the society.

allright, i want to highlight a little bit here, it is about our housing in Singapore. some called it our shoebox, cause it is true majority of us live in highrise building without any garden at our own. but do i personally complaint about it? nooooooo, hell nooooo…. i love every bits of it. and i am proud to live on HDB {Housing development board/ government house}.

by right, every Singaporean who is matured enough and have income pull on their CPF, they should be able to enjoy an HDB flat. the main aim is every Singaporeans should have a roof on their head, there is no homeless or slums living here. it is a well organized housing estate with clean environment. read what the prime minister comment about it :

question: some people believe that as a society, Singapore has over invested in housing. what do you say?

answer: if you look at it purely from an economic point of view, then our quality of housing is very high, whether in terms of quality of the environment, or square metres per person. BUT the POLITICAL and SOCIAL dividends have been considerable. If you left the low end to their own devices, without the compulsory CPF savings, poorer Singaporeans would not have put so much money into their house, they would have lived in much more miserable conditions, and we would have slums in Singapore. From their personal maximization point of view, as rational consumers, that may be their personal choice. But in term of the overall society, we would be far worse off to have ghettos and slums. And Singapore would be a very different society. And if you allowed hat to happen, there would also be racial element, which you cannot run away from, which would be a big trouble.

government keeps improving their rule in order to cater the housing which is the primary need for its people. if you read the paper yesterday, they eagerly want to improve the life of the poor. and probably will not work so much on the rich anymore ….hahahahaha

{socialist capitalist society, quoted from Angus, soe tjen marching’s hubby – a friend and a professor teaching in one of the university in london}

Angus is right …. here the government want to keep improving the standard of the weak & the lowest … they believe by doing this they keep reducing the problematic these group can create to the society. so instead of fixing the problem they rather tackle the problem from happening.

the slogan here … *we want to be the best, and when we talk about the best we talk about the best model that ever exist today in the world, and we want that best to be enjoyed by EVERYONE here in Singapore. we want every Singaporean to be the BEST* …. got it!

so really, if i am a Singaporean, i will stop complaining and realign my focus on keep improving myself, my family, people i love. focus on our purpose of being and living, keep striving our best …. the road is there we just need to work on our engine so we can complete our journey to the right destination.

all the best, good morning Singapore …..


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