Singapore *PSLE* … a gate for our child future education

for any Singaporean parents or WHOever enroll their kids into Singaporean education system, they will know what is PSLE {Primary School Leaving Examination} is a national examination taken by all students in Singapore near the end of their sixth year in primary school, which is also their last year in primary school before they leave for secondary school. It is administered by the Ministry of Education. This nationwide examination tests the English language, the mother tongue languages (typically chinese, Malay, or tamil, and some other South Asian languages, such as Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu), mathematics and science. Each subject paper is around 2 hours long, with this time varying by fifteen minuets, except for certain components of language subjects. multiple choice questions are tested using a standardised optical answer sheet (OAS) that uses optical mark recognition to detect answers. click here to read more about it.

this could be a major issue of discussion for parents as well as the media. a lot of topics on how to prepare for this exam or critics are easily found on the internet, newspaper or blogging media.

few weeks ago i read on the newspaper somebody had actually post her concern on putting so much weight for a 12 years old kid on the importance of the PSLE.  for those who does not know about it, the PSLE result will determine which secondary school your kids will go into. there are 4 different types of secondary school in SIngapore. Express Stream, Normal Stream, Technical and Vocational Courses. It is a bit complicated to understand especially for me … {i am not used to Singapore Education system, I have a lot to learn}. click here for a good brief of the education system here. in other words if you want to go to Independent School {which a lot said *THE TOP SCHOOL*} you need a high score of PSLE result.  or you have to be totally talented on your non academic performance in order to get the Direct School  Admission.

NOW! cramp it into 6 years … hahahaaha, you need to be EITHER doing really good on your academic or scoring championship on your talent. No wonder! here in Singapore a lot of kids head start early! And parents we need to focus on our role to help them set their path on the academic year. we have to know the rule of the game … if you don’t know your enemy how you can go into a war and win it.

the same attitude goes to my personal aspiration toward PSLE. we just have to take it, bare with it and hack it. we do our best to aid our kids, if we have a negative attitude toward it, the same aspiration will go into our kids attitude toward study.

this is also go back to my discussion with some parents in Kumon about PSLE. surprisingly a lot of this parents sending their kids to Kumon is not because they are problematic kids in term of academic. their kids are doing well in school but yet they are still in Kumon. when i talk to them, one mother specifically said … i want the discipline out of Kumon! it is not about just scoring the test but the discipline behind it. the independent learning attitude, and the inspiration to meet higher than the standard given in other words .. working into Excellence not just Passing.

They also agree once the kids understand this attitude very well, they know what they are aiming during the primary school year and they understand what it takes in order to excel in the result. there is no short cut in life … STUDY HARD! it is still they key!

oh well kids, that is why you are in school, otherwise you should be playing in the play ground! …. cheers!



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