ITheatre Singapore – Arabian Night

we have been regularly check into their theatre performances that mainly held at the amazing unique building of LaSalle Art Academic around the bencoolen Street.

i like their motto from the last performance, *Story Telling comes Alive* the same goes with the work from iTheatre singapore. they always pick a great story and translate it into an outstanding performances for kids. my daughter enjoys it so far, she even was the one who remind us for any coming up show from iTheatre.

i wrote about it once on my blog too, click here. and if you want to find out about ITheatre click here.

this time the theme they had picked is from the great story of 1001 arabian nights. and i have to say i enjoyed this show so much! regardless the simplicity of the stage decor and props.

thanks to all the performers who can bring out the story and capture our attention. they are all great! it is an amazing performance done by them.

off course if you know about them, names like Isabella Chiam, Daphne Ong, Edward Choy, Candice DeRozario … if you are the regular visitors to the kids theater you should be familiar with these names. I just love their work, their outstanding articulation to recite each phrases from the script, their outstanding voices as well as their dance movement.

kids can laugh so hard watching them acting. props become the least priority when you have great cast on the show! really!

and once again i want to point out some benefits of bringing your kids to theatre performances:

  1. listening …. they learn to listen carefully for the words that were said by the casts
  2. imagination/ fantasy …. the kids imagination is triggered by the story that is told by the cast and the stage decor
  3. vocabularies building …. well chosen words and rhymes  are used a lot during the show
  4. music appreciation … different kind of music genre are used
  5. culture …. the theme of the story that is from different culture background, kids learn how certain culture behave in certain way and how they are dressing up
  6. discipline …. sit still and be quite for about 30 min …..without any interruption.

the list can go on ….. and we will never get tired to continue appreciate their work, we are looking forward for your next work ITheatre .. all the best!