Concentration No. 1 Challenge for kids!

do you face this problem, when you spend your time helping your kids to study? I DO!

this is so much harder than training the rest of the skill for the kids. especially when come to sitting on the desk and focus on completing the work.

ANd this is ONE factor that make a different between an outstanding student and the NONE {one}. Concentration is so IMPORTANT! that it becomes a lot of topics of discussion among parents.

Unfortunately kids are not born with this skill. this is the skill that they need to pick up and master it. this skill can be gained through an activities that kids are doing that emphasize that skill.

here is a good article about it! click here. based on this article as parents we need to work as much as possible to build the INTEREST on the subject, therefore concentration becomes natural for the kids. To study it or to gain the knowledge/skill of it is no longer a hard and sweaty effort! it is automatically attract the kids attention.

some also proclaim that too much TV and computer games can distract the ability to concentrate longer for kids. they tend to become impulsive when being exposed so much on these 2 activities. they can not focus their mind when they have to face subject other than TV or computer game. they lost patient on doing work such as reading, drawing or art and craft. they are not get used to it anymore. click here to read a good article about the damaging effect of TV and computer for the kids. inside there is a 2 hours video about the topic as well. click here.

mental tiredness is also one major problem for this mental block. when the kids are just too tired nothing can be done! nutrition come into part on this as well. introducing the habit of taking healthy choice of foods are important as well.

this is one topic i love to discuss when i met with miza’s psychologist at KK Hospital {since her accident that cause her lost her left hand little finger, we do a regular check up for her traumatic management, nothing serious just regular check up}. both of us are aware a lot of kids now a days are facing this problem.

this might be a small PROBLEM but bring a HUGE impact on the character one day. even myself, i was not trained well on doing this skill, therefore  i work so hard now to discipline myself in order to be able to focus and concertate on the task i am doing.

this is a good video on how to improve c concentration for kids! 20 second exercise. Good Luck!



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