Happy Childhood!

I heard this word a lot and a lot of times …… Sometimes it is like an automati answering machine, it can come out easily from someone mouth ” I want my kids to have a happy childhood!”, just that, period and done. Sometimes when a parent said this, i ponder to myself …. {What is a happy childhood?} … anybody know, can anybody define the true meaning of it?

i try to *wiki* it, no luck! and when i browse around … there are vague meaning about it. Nobody can actually list down what is A HAPPY CHILDHOOD really is.

when i remember my childhood, by right i should had the MOST memorable happy childhood. I play most of the times and hardly study, that is why i am always at the lowest level of my class. i was an active and busy child. i play on the rice field, walking on the mud, trespassing water flood that reach my neck just to walk to the school {you don’t believe me ask some of my friends on facebook}. at that time there were a heavy rain that the road to the school was blocked by water, that all of us had to walk over it … you would never imagine what my eyes see while walking in that muddy brownish water … snake swimming across, human waste floating around, garbage … you name ugly things, they are there! it’s a dirty water, but we had fun doing it after school. our bags are all wet as well as our uniform! do I care i don’t, do my parent care, they don’t cause they are not at home ….. :p what is important for me that time is full blast of happiness! Good thing no snake bite me.

i was the leader of my primary school group for sport as well as for the girl’s scout. nobody dare to speak back to me at that time …. i remember all those good years when what i said would be done accordingly. boys and girls at my school listen to me …. hehehehe.

i learnt many different type of activities, piano, guitar, balinesse dance, taekwondo, basketball, cycling, volleyball, disco etc etc …… I was a FREEWILL …. from morning to night, my days FULL of FUN! really you could not believe me, ask my friends they are all there on my facebook wall, they exactly know what I am talking about here.

BUT despite all those happy sparkle moments, do I actually happy about it? No, I don’t, I have the biggest disadvantages from all, i never did well in school! NONE at all …. my report book have a lot of flying red colors instead of blue, i would be the last 3 if lucky 5 from the bottom level of the class. everytime the semester end, i counted the number of buttons on my uniform to guess whether i will go the next class or stay in the same class. i had nightmare and stressful days when come to exams, i hardly come prepared for any exams at all. the only subject i did quite well is english, the rest are based on luck! i hardly do my homework none study for test. School is No fun at all for me …. boring and totally sleepy.

So …. that is the cost i had to pay for my Happy Childhood! i can not balance my time, i rather spend time for FUN and procrastinate what is importance for my study!

NOW if you asked me …. Do i have a happy childhood? Nooooooooooooooooo, it is a big regret! I wish i had someone there who remind me the importance of school, the importance of study and the importance how to manage my time wisely. those happy and fun moments that i spend were wasted of time really! I am sure with my capacity of a child during school time i could had done so much better in my study. But all just wasted.

Off course! some parents might understand my notion some might not! probably they have a different experience or definition about HAPPY CHILDHOOD! but to me that is my definition … a time full of blast, play, laughter and hardly any discipline or consequences at all. i do what i like and i can refuse what i don’t like. the time was on my side … no push, no stress and no effort! that is my definition of Happy Childhood based on my OWN childhood experience.

so …. again parent! what is a Happy Childhood? i am sure the wiser we are and the more we know and aware what is the true meaning of parenting, we can come up with a NEW definition of a Happy Childhood which should be the base and foundation of a Happy Adulthood too …

{ don’t get me wrong … i am totally a happy adult now, even i carry regret from my past} cheeers!