Television/ Computer Screen impact on our kids cognitive development!

these are good videos for parenting. the video illustrate the negative impact of television and computer screen to our children. furthermore there are some tips, how to manage media screen to our children daily life.

my daughter has her own TV at her room, which will be removed soon before she goes to primary school. however, we had been controlling her TV hours as well as the program she watched. we take TV as a part of education tools not mainly entertainment. we introduce the fun of watching documentary over just a cartoon or life style series from TV. we are quite happy with the output, our daughter enjoys national geographic channel, history channel as well as BBC knowledge programs on top of TOm and Jerry or Mr. Bean. Other than that, the rest of the programs are controlled tightly.

How young is too young to watch the television!

we also believe some of the education program of computer games are good for kids. it could be much easier to introduce certain concept through the games. likewise my daughter she learns about EARNING before SPENDING as well as RESERVING resources from the games in facebook, for example farmville, pet society … where she learns that she needs to do certain task first before she is able to do something. the understanding of working to earn something is easily illustrated and introduce through this game. however, we had been exclude computer from her daily things for a month now. we try to reduce the impact on computer for her and replace it with other fun things to do like reading, playing treasure hunt at home with mummy or go out and do cycling.

How do video games affect behavior?