Singapore students good at fixing real-life problems!

every 3 years, a total of 65 countries and economies took part in the programme for International Student Assesment {PISA}, which test the ability of 15 year old students to apply skills and knowledge in mathematics, science and reading to real life problems.

and this is the result from the last test :

Singapore is indeed on the TOP 5 for all the 3 subjects among other asians countries except Finland. And shanghai is the 1st for all 3 subject regardless this is the 1st TIME for the republic to join this test. that is amazing!

not too long ago, a lot of people are actually talking about the laid back style of education in finland that produce brilliants, including singapore, but the exploration had stopped. i guess it is impossible to implement the style of education in finland to singapore environment. i agree with that! every countries have their own priorities that mould together with their policy and economic ambition therefore it will never be the same. I am glad the government continue their effort and focus on bringing up the quality of education in Singapore from all area. and this result from PISA is really a GOOD indication for many more years to come! as long as we stay focus and on track.

here is the video about PISA if you want to know about it:

tough the TOP universities in the world are still located in the west like USA and England, but if you take a carefull look who are the students there … a big chunk of the percentage are asians student, and they are doing well on their cohort too.

congratz! keep it up!