Educational Superstar! Strait Times – prime commentary

good post yesterday at the newspaper: True measure of a student by Sandra Davie (senior writer).

it has been a very HOT HOT topic here in our local chatting among educators and parents who care about the future of Singapore education, it is even hotter than wikileaks if you want to buy my tokens.

Singapore again proved to be an “educational superstar”, in the words of The New York Times, excelling in a new study of students ability to apply knowledge to real life problems. Singapore has not just done well at PISA {programme for International Student Assesment} but as well as TIMSS {The trends in international mathematics and science study} as well as Progress in international reading literacy study. we are aced them.

and if you read the paper few days ago, these kids who went through the test had actually claimed the test given to them are much easier than their own school test. No Sweat! ….. Super Fantastic right!

with all these Goldie medal belt on their waist, do we can afford to be complaisant now. take it easy! and shake our legs while drinking our coffee?

No …. i don’t think so! these are just part of educating a child, really. there are so much more to do on grooming up a child to be a responsible adult and functioning well socially. I agree with the writer of this article, there are so much other traits need to be emphasized as well than just academic performances. Character building is one of the toughest task ever for parent. believe me if you know what is this thing all about, you will not just blame the system or teachers! you WILL exactly know the responsibility lies upon our shoulder as parents. character building start from HOME …. period.

i have posted so much about my concern on this and why character building is very important. you can actually browse my blog and read them through one by one. that is why i put a heavy weight on digging my self further to understand this part of educating our child.

yesterday i read a good book : The Procrastinating CHILD by Rita Emmett while waiting for my daughter finishing up her kumon at Starbuck in nex. and i come accross a page, and i let my daughter read it loud for me …. this is the page:

” I’m thirty-one years old. My biggest problem in school was putting off projects till the last minuet, which led to rushing them and not feeling good about my work, and usually getting a poor mark. ultimately, this led to poor self-esteem [it was not the only contributing factor} and overwhelming feeling of inaduquacy, some of which are unfortunately still with me today.

while i do not blame my parents, i wish they had pushed more when it came to homework. i never studied enough of spent adequate time on homework because nobody held me accountable. when i procrastinated, and ended up cramming for test {99% of the time, as it was all i ever knew}, i got bad grades. i then got the speech about how we know you are not stupid and you should be doing better and if you don’t get a B on the next test you can’t go to the … blah blah blah. it all seemed reasonable at time but, in hindsight, nobody ever showed me HOW to pick away at a project bit by bit, so it wold not seem overwhelming. I was never shown how to plan out studying time for each subject … you get the idea. bottom line: parents should work with his kids on this stuff. it will pave the way for success their entire lives – instead of just telling them to do it and lecturing when it does not happend”

…. i leave you to ponder on this write up and my daughter did after she read it loud herself ….