My new calendar resolution!

it has been a while i did not blogging! when you don’t feel like writing there is none to blog at all, hence i go back to miniblogging which is my active facebook or twitter. a media that is very light to share your thought, opinion and review over things in life. it fast and no more than 140 characters if you are using tweetdeck! … so that is one of the reason why writing more than those numbers characters can be very challanging if you have other avenue to ride on.

but today a drag a bit my self to write this blog, at least i have put up what i need to focus on attention and take action on that. off course being ME .. things sometimes shuffle a bit or further hahahaaha, is part and puzzle of the survival skill i believe. all i need to do when this happens just REFOCUS myself and bring it back on track. so really … having your resolution written down can be a good habit so you know and remember exactly what your focus are.

so here we go ….

my daughter in primary school … without doubt this is my first priority for 2011. i need to assist her on adjusting herself to a new life style and responsibility in life. she needs to learn to be independent on managing her reactions toward option in life especially. i want her to be self directed when come to study and complete her homework. therefore teaching her about priority in life is very crucial at this point. so she would understand what is IMPORTANT and which one is NOT, which one she has to do FIRST before doing other thing. she also need to understand to manage her things, like her own bedroom, her school bags, her uniform, her books, her toys even cleaning up dining table after she finished her meal. I also want her to start working on her daily schedule so she can plan her day according to her and commit on taking action on it. so … one step at a time .. this will be my first priority! SELF directed girl who is ready to take on her duty as a P1 girl …

my health …. i will have more time next year, after my daughter get on her school bus, i will have at least about 7 hours all for myself. THERE are a lot I can do with that! 7 hours is so precious compare to the 4 hours I have before. I can complete the cooking for the day, clean up the house and do my other “ME TIME”. one of that is exercising … i am so fortunate to have a big park just behind my house, a 10 min walk to the beach or an outdoor activity ground complete with some exercise tool. So i should be visiting those spots near soon and join the yoga club maybe around the beach area or the xi gong aunties who are just behind my house or just talking a nice brisk walking with my MP3 on around the park and to the beach area. so this is a MUST! i need those oxygens flow smoothly to my brain to keep me fresh, spirited and sharp on making daily decision as the CEO of our household.

my blog …. i need this! this is the avenue for me to download what i had scanned in life. i need to release out from my system in good way, share the good findings i found or just to revamp my grudges in life. traffic is the last worry for me on having my blog. my blog is for my own therapy! a media or a tool that help me understand my self better. i believe understanding your own self is very important! how you can understand others if you don’t even know who yourself are.

my cooking …. i need to brush up on this! home cook is healthy options. i can choose what is good and what is bad! i can focus on certain type of diet for the health of the family. this task is quite heavy before cause my time is very limited, now i have more time, i can explore more and manage better on this department. i am sure this would be a lot of FUN .. and off course discipline on keep it going ….

active in my daughter school … i am joining the parent support group at my daughter’s school. i am hoping i can now the school culture better by doing this so i can help my daughter’s journey during her primary school year. on top of helping the school, the kids in the school, i can also enhance my interest on parenting and education subject! this is just like two hands clapping for me.

those are my primaries ……. i believe DO things in small numbers and add more value onto it while it is ongoing ….

LIFE is so excited! put a lot of positives on it … I am ready i hope the same as you too .. cheers! Happy NEW calendar!