Road Map!

one thing i enjoy as parent of Haig Girl’s School is the active parenting support, the school gives to the parents. we have a few invitation to attend the school parenting talk. most of it are free and if we have to pay it is not much as well {$5}. these opportunities are always welcome by most parents, not only we got the chance to learn something new for tips of good parenting, we also have chance to see our kids at school. so all together, it is a very fruitful experience that we should not waste as parent.

i attended almost every parenting talk, and i remember one particular talk run by a dad to 4 teenagers. i did not remember the detail as it happened few weeks ago and i do not keep a lot of data on my memory bank :p. BUT one THING really hold my impression of the talk is the ROAD MAP. he talks about ROAD MAP, and this is ONE very important tool for us as parent to use while assisting our child in their process of growing up.

ROAD MAP is actually a blue print that every parent should have. it might be different from one parent to another parent, as we see value, judge and see life differently. one family might not be running the same value system as the other family. therefore there is no added value to compare from one family to another and judge that one is better than the other. as parent it is our job to sit down with our spouse and discuss what is our ROAD MAP is … especially for our child. we need to agree on the ROAD MAP, as this is the guiding tool for us as parent to refer back from time to time during the process of parenting to our child.

Basically the ROAD MAP is a set of guiding value we would like to see from our child when they grow up. a set of value system, priority and code of conduct of our child. we need to help them set it up and instill it within themselves. the process start from the time the child was born actually. the earlier the parent recognize their road map the easier it is to actually introduce it to our child. a child born with no direction, value system or priority. they will discover it along the way, some are lucky when they are properly guided through until they reach their maturity, some are just left alone to discover it themselves.

with the clear ROad Map, it is much easier for parent to introduce the value system to their child. Parent can easily filter any given situation in life as the tool for learning for the child. because the road map is really clear in their mind, they can easily map the situation to the value system they already have. they can pick any given situation on everyday life of their child as the teaching tool. they pick the situation, discuss with the child, explain what is good and what is not good and can expand it further with any other activities or example to emphasize the value system.

Road Map can be religion, culture, belief, social system, values, characters and so on.

Oh Well! that is for today! i need to run to do other things. cheers all …. all the best