Read the instruction!

i take my daughter’s work at school seriously. her works and homework become my priority as well. every night i will check her works that she had done in the school and go over it with her, as well as her homework. i make sure she understands what she had done wrong.

the school allows the children to do correction on their work with the blue pencil. the teacher also emphasize to us to check their work everyday and put some of our comment on concern on their work if any.

i did not comment on job well done, but i did put much effort on fail paper or wrong paper.

like today, she came back with a work from school. and all the answer all wrong. actually she got the answer correct, she answered all the questions correctly BUT she did not follow the instruction hence all are wrong.

the paper said : Answer the questions. Using the word my in your answer.

Now what happened is she did answer the question but she did not use the word my on her answer. sample of the question is : What is your name? instead of writing the answer my name is Miza, she just put Miza. and all the other 3 questions follow the same pattern except the last question.

Write your own sentence using the word my. and she wrote : I love my mother.

I pause a bit when i read the last sentence she wrote on her paper. It really touches my heart just like the rest of the other note cards, cards or letters she made for me. She always said … I am her best mum, she loves me so much …. I feel glad and honor with that.

Tough in most cases i am not an easy mum. i am very strict when come to her discipline and school work. but she understands i do it all for her own good … i am here to help her success. Her success means my happiness.

Okay go back to the topic i wanted to highlight here. I spent 10 minuets to discuss with her and find out how come she omit the instruction and did not follow it.

Classic case …. Careless, take it easy, ignorance, compleseant and all the other same attributes. Kids tend to see things easily and did not even bother to read detail.

It is not because she does not understand it, she just did not make herself read the instruction and straight away jump into answering it.

So the lesson learn here! Read through, understand the questions or the instructions clearly. I told her, if she does not understand it, ask the teacher. Not reading instruction is far from being smart! It is actually unacceptable behavior and attitude. I had done it before, I think I am smarter than the exam and true enough! I did not answer what I suppose to do.

I did a few lecturing to her, so she understands. It is not about just answering! It is about UNDERSTANDING what is expected from YOU. Answer come later … if you understand the instruction well you are almost there for the answer. Your battle is close to complete.

Well .. i hope she learns her lesson just like I did when I looked back to my past.

All the best Miza … keep it up! School is fun and Learning is always Amazing way on discovering things around you. cheers!