in another 45 min my alarm will beep me and it will said ….. “time to cook”! yeah …..the hardest chore i have to do as a stay home wife. me and kitchen are not really blend very well. It is just too much to do over there from chopping off all the ingredients we need, crying over the red onion, steaming hot cause of the hot stove, piling up plates pants with all the oily greasy surface to wash and many many many more … that make me want to cry out loud! lol

but every time my head hit the pavement of cooking gala, i always remember what my grandmother used to tell me.

“when you cook for the family you can make your pray and wishes there. wish all the good things for the family! so when they eat the food they will be blessed with your pray. and probably Allah {God} will grant your wishes over the person especially your children.”

i remember she said that clearly to me, and true enough most of her children are quite well of and happy with their life, they are off course my uncles and aunties. therefore what she said might be proven well.

furthermore i think the spirit goes even more when you know your little angel keep giving her generous compliment over your simple dishes.

“Mum … this is super delisiousoooooo … i love it! you know what everytime the school bell ring first thing i think of is … what are you going to cook for me today!”

how do you feel when your little princess said this to you? Blown up to the 7th heaven right ….lol. oh well! that is what i felt when she said that.

so these are the things that keep my spirit of cooking everyday for the family. Do not get me wrong! I have my bad monday too when i felt so lazy to move my ass and walk over the kitchen. when that happens i usually hit the neighbor-hood kopitam for some nice chicken rice or fried rice. and when i do this usually my little angel will complain a bit

“OMG! i spent so many hours at school and you do not have time to cook for me? are you serious? you must be joking right!” ….. lol :p

she learns so fast how to counter atack singaporean style. usually i just respond to her, “Yes! Parenting is not an easy job, so i need to rest and sleep during those hours to gain back my energy”

to save me from all the trouble i usually do weekly cooking, i marinate the chicken on saturday and keep it for the whole week, as well as some spagethy sauce, and chop some vegies and half boiled it and keep it on fridge. i even borrow the book from the library on how to be an effective mum! trust me a lot of tips over there on how to maximize our time at home.

oh well! i have to move on now to my daily routine. cheers up all .. thank you for reading!