Reading Log!

Quick note, before i move on to my morning chores assisting Miza for school.

Another good thing from Haig Girl’s School is PUPIL’S READING LOG. this sheet was given to us in the beginning of school term. basically on this sheet we have to write the child’s name, their class and list of books they read during the term. there are about 7 row to fill in. each row divided into 5 column, Title of book|Read book on|Easy|Just RIght|DIfficult. and at the bottom part the child need to summarize what they think about the book they had read over the term period. They have to pick the book they like the best, and why they think other should read that book. And as parent we need to sign off that sheet before the children hand it to the teacher.

This is amazing! i LIke this ritual! it help emphasize the important of reading for the child. On top of that the School give the time about 15 minuet for the children to read their books. This is a period window time just before they start their morning assembly. THey call it the silent reading period. THe children sit quietly at the hall and read their book while waiting for the assembly to get started. On top of that the child can continue reading their book at any window opportunity they have.

I help Miza choose the books she reads for this activity. I prefer she reads thick book instead light and easy book. It gives her habit to read more challenging books and keep improving from time to time. So far she had read 2 books and reading another 2 books concurrently. 2 books by Enid Blyton { Mr. Pink WHistle Stories and The Cuckoo in TIme Clock} and the other 2 are Geronimo Stilton { The Quest for Paradise and THe Kingdom of Fantasy}.So far she found these 4 books easy, the only challenge for her is finding longer time to read the book. Kids being Kids, she choose to play with her friends in the school or school bus instead of reading the book. No fuss about it! I am fine with that …. as long as she knows how to prioritize her importance.

On top of instilling a good reading habit, this activity has also given the child the opportunity to learn to appreciate books since their younger age. Miza told me, she actually spent time discussing about books with her other friends. The ones that read the same books off course, they discuss about the story, what they like from the story and what they plan to read after this book. This build their creativity as well to actually come up with their own aspiration from the book. SHe even recognize her friends thinks about the book differently from her.

This is also one way of building up book collector group! THat is why i purposely guide her to land her pick on Enid Blyton books and Geronimo Stilton, because i know she can grow her books collections from the series of these 2 writers. ANd true enough, sh come back home with more list of books that she wants to read. She explain to me why she wants to read the other books. Usually we try to search the book at the library first and if we are unlucky then we have to purchase the book ourself.

Miza takes pride of her personal library corner at her own bedroom. She works hard to earn the books there. Some are the prize of doing well, birthday gift from dad, good performance report from school etc. We tend to give books as prize for her and she loves it so far.

So keep on reading Miza … the school said so and mummy said so!