Tinkle Friend! HelpLine for Children

Tinkle Friend is a project run by Singapore Children’s Society and it is supported by SingTel. Basically this project give the opportunity for children during primary school age to call the hotline for some support group. the hotline number is 1800-274-4788. Children can call them Monday to Friday from 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM. followed by 2.30 PM to 5.00 PM.

when the child feels stressed, sad, angry, confused, lonely or afraid they can direct their emotion by calling this number. Being in the community where both parents are working sometimes the communication bond might not be smooth between a child and their parents. they feel gap in between that prevent them of speaking their thought or feeling to their own parents. A lot of bad cases happened due to this, where the child prefer to discuss their worry with stranger than their own family. or worse case is, they prefer to keep it quite and if we are not careful enough it will be burst out of proportion and regret come afterwards.

there are many emotional problem come along the way, it is a part of their growing up. some handle it well probably due to positive emotional support from their parents, and some just tumble apart. I think government realize it, therefore this hot line number might be a good avenue for child to open up their feeling.

Being a mother and a parent! I still prefer my child to discuss with me what ever feeling they have openly. Being able to communicate well to their child require a special bonding that build up over time. Bonding come in the price of TRUST. we need to gain our child’s TRUST in order to keep up their emotional tie with us. We can not demand trust from them as parent, we have to earn it. THere are many ways of earning trust. Giving example, being a role model, walk our talk and being consistent with our value system and character.

btw .. this info is shared by Miza to me, she was happily showing me the school folder given by Tinkle Friend and explain what is the program about. She said …. “Anytime someone wants to bully me, I can tell them, I will call Tinkle Friend, and everybody knows in School!!http://www.childrensociety.org.sg/services/preventive.htm”