Tony Buzan!

It is all started during the school holiday last December. Instead of going somewhere we allocated our holiday budget to enroll her to TONY BUZAN holiday camp. It was not cheap for the whole one week period of learning experience cost us about $500.

But it was worth the money, she enjoyed the program so much and met new friends around including some friends from Haig Girl’s school. She loves the program so much until she insisted to continue the program when the holiday program come to an end.

“Please … please! I want to continue with Tony Buzan program pleaseeee …..!”

After we spend some days to think about it and try to asses her time between study, rest and doing her hobby, we finally decide to enroll her for the program. However we highligh to her, at any time she fails to put her school as priority and have too much other extra things, we have to stop Tony Buzan. She agrees to it. For us, Tony Buzan is just another accelerate program to help her thinking process nothing more.

And indeed it has been our 3rd month with the program, and she keeps enjoying every bit of it. She just loves to go to her classes including school. For her, going to classes or school is like one big opportunity to socialize and engage on meaningfull play with her friends. She has the chances to mix around with kids from different school, background and usually have common interests. She always chat with me that she enjoy the conversations with her classmates in Tony Buzan class. Bare in mind she is the youngest in the class, the rest are Primary 3,4 and 5. There is another girl who is undergo the home schooling by her mom and she is moving to USA next year, Miza and this girl are from the same age group. There is another girl from her school as well, she is her senior, and she mixes around with her just fine. Sometimes Miza told me she met the girl in the school when they are on the way out to their school bus.

The program at Tony Buzan is actually tailored for individu child capabilities and there is no stopping if they foresee the child is able to progress to the next level. They work a lot with mind mapping and reading comprehension. They use the mind map to understand the problem and expand the solution with this tool. THere are a lot of drawing, writing and discussion happening in the class.

I see works had been done in the class but there are no homework at all. All are completed and finished in the class room. She is taking english and math from Tony Buzan. For us this is just another creative tool she takes up on top of her Kumon. Personally, i hold Kumon stronger when come to basic English and Math foundation.

Kumon is more sistematic, structured and target oriented program for the parent as the guardian for the child as well as the child itself. Tony Buzan is more in the off stream line, more inventive and a bit jazzy … if you know what i mean here.

So i have no stress with Tony Buzan, i take it as Miza’s play ground. The place for her to socialize as well as learning and playing. The same goes to Miza … no stress from Tony Buzan. As long as she enjoys the class and companions .. that is all about!

Off course .. additional gain such as learning how to work with mind map …is another SUPER DUPER advantage of taking up this program. I myself fond of Tony Buzan mind map. I collect his books about it, read it and actually use it for my own personal advantage.

Miza is lucky, she learns the correct way on applying Tony Buzan’s concept of mind map, she learns how to draw it properly way much better than i do … I am sure it will benefit her ONE DAY!

if you are interested to find out about Tony Buzan, check out this link.

oh well! Cheers ….