Delaying Gratification!

we live in the era where everything is NOW and NOW! if i want it NOW that means NOW … no delay no waiting no patient! everything is as fast as your heart said so.

a lot of personal financial problem came from this source! there is no financial management or budgeting anymore, people tend to use all their purchasing power without any consideration, some even goes beyond the safety zone, they actually borrow money and spend it for unnecessary things in their life.

if you happened to know the famous theory “Marshmallow Theory” then you should know better what i am referring to here. i usually call it Delaying Gratification!

once my old boss told me this :

“Can you imagine how wonderful the self control is?”
” No! “, i told him
“It is when you go to a shopping mall with a wallet full of money in cash not even a loan or a credit card and you see a nice bag that you THINK you LIKE it and want to POSSES it, BUT instead of going ahead to use your purchasing power with the money on your wallet, you DELAY it. you give yourself TIME to think and consider, how important that bag is for yourself. you THINK whether you really NEED it! and finally you walk off that shop without buying anything cause you KNOW you have another 5 bags at home. THAT IS the BEAUTY of SELF CONTROL!”

i remember that words strongly in myself. my boss continues to give me some tips, that in order to do that, i need to train myself just like a samurai does to them self. start small and eventually i can told off myself for things i do not really need and save my financial security.

TRUST me, this is not EASY when you start late. you might tumble into personal problems first that need time to sort them out before you learn the lesson well. If i had a choice in life i would rather have the opportunity to learn this self management skill since my young age. BUT too bad i just have to learn and hack it myself. I am still learning ……believe me!

As parent, it would be a wonderful opportunity to actually train our children to understand this concept. Off course role modeling play the important part, we can not tell our child not to do certain things BUT we as parent actually doing it. It defeat the purpose of training! Parenting is ROLE MODELING … simple as that.

There are some tips on how to train our child this life skill.

1. do not give what they want immediately.
2. always ask them ….” why do you need it?” NOT “why do you WANT it?”
3. discuss with them for options or replacing the immediate need with things they already have at home. make them think of alternative using what they already have instead of buying a new one.
4. make them earn what they WANT, by doing some chores or house duty.
5. discuss your value about financial security and approach toward the consumerism by displaying some GOOD and BAD examples around, so they will learn cause and effect from every decision they make
6. remind them … CONSUMERISM is totally a BAD habit and far from being ECO Friendly. tell them if they care enough about the planet, they should not waste things instead they can reuse it again and again, keep buying new things is the same as piling up GARBAGE at the end.

i found this article which i think is good to share as well, some tips on how to implement delaying gratification on your daily life as adult and SAVE you from so much future financial problem. Here!

please take care yourself, and be smart with your life decision. we DO not LIVE just for TODAY and TOMORROW! it is a long journey … friend! cheers.