Anger management!

Have you ever encountered a person who most of the things he/she said are anger? every time you are near to the person you will not feel better but WORSE. what ever you do become BIG matters or THINGS. there is nothing good really to be around … what would you do? would you stay around? or simply you just walk away and move on with what you think is worth to do, don’t you? It is sad really! It might be a good opportunity for both of them but cause of the bad response thing just went sour sometimes without explanation at all . It is a matter of life choice … everyone of us is in charge of our own choice in LIFE. the wiser we are the better we are keeping up our journey in life.

once Aristoteles said this:

“ANyone can become angry, that is EASY! But, to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and at the right way … that is NOT Easy!”

watch this video to give you some insight what might cause anger from other person … interesting video to watch and ponder!

even there is an old phrase said “Choose your battle wisely”, what this actually saying is Don’t waste your energy on fight you can not win. It is always better to focus on posible and likely otherwise keep it simple and make it simple, just simply ignore the battle and do other thing, just like what i said on the top.

This life skill is very crucial even for young children. They too need to learn how to control and manage their anger, otherwise it become habit and acceptable attitude that they will carry on until their adult age. It is very clear, an angry person is indeed an unhappy one …..

this is a video i spot from youtube for children about angry management for kids …

and this is a nice video to teach the kid how to manage it with the breathing skill …

and if you are my AGE …. probably you remember this movie few years back and would like to implement the skill yourself … enjoy!

Good Luck! and be wise with your anger … Happy Saturday All!