{ROI} on your child education?

Today on the newspaper i found an article written by a Singaporean mother who lives in England, Teresa Lim. On that article she wrote one incident happened during one of her lunch meeting with few of her others friends, an Asian lady and a British Lady. On that conversation she highlight the different value system between Asian and Western parenting expectation toward their children in the future. This is what exactly she wrote there:

Many years ago , not long after arriving to live in London. I was invited to lunch by a friend I had made at my son’s school. The other guests were a young mother whose background was also Asians, and Charlotte, an Englishwoman significantly older than the rest of us.

The common factor was that we all had sons who were at , or had been to, the highly regarded boys’ preparatory (private primary) school nearby. Charlotte’s son had gone on to Eton for his secondary education and then to university.

In Britain, state-funded universities are excellent, but state-funded schools less so. Those who can afford it tend to send their children to private schools, an eye-wateringly expensive option.

Not surprisingly, we talked about education. Somehow this ended up being a debate between the other Asian guest, an intelligent woman who regarded educating her son as an investment in her own future, and Charlotte, who was shocked.

I kept a tactical silence. In truth, I was intrigued by Charlotte’s unequivocal belief that you give your child the best education you can afford, because that is your responsibility as a parent. You expect nothing back, not in the way of obligations, or even hope of influencing your child’s career choices.

And she continue to write further about it. She also mentioned probably the comfort zone of the social security for most of European countries had somehow ease the mind of the parents not to expect anything from their children when they grow up. Their social benefit would be nicely taken care of by the government funding at the end. {this off course as much as how much you had invested through your tax payment no doubt about it. the lesser you contribute the lesser you will eventually earn. that is simple logic}.

I am not going to continue my opinion about the social security system in Europe. The reason I am writing this post is about the {ROI} – Return of Investment from our child education.

Is it really TRUE that most of Asian parents are expecting their child to eventually pay back what ever their parent had paid for their education on the future? Is that really TRUE?

In my own opinion, this condition might be true few decades back, but this notion has been decreasing tremendously. More and more Asian parent just like our selves have never thought of burdening our children with our old days expenses one day. Just like me and my husband, we realize life is going to be harder for the next generation to come. They will have their own life to run and to finance as well as their own family. It is not fair to actually add on their burden with our expenses in the future.

That is why my husband is very meticulous when come to financial planning for our retirement days. He prepares for it religiously and steadily, he even told me not to ever think of burdening our daughter in the future. And he said he will commit himself to support our daughter education until she complete all the degree that is necessary for her. He had arranged for our daughter education saving as well, so we do not have to worry with the last minuet plan when things going not as plan. The saving back up will really help her to complete her study one day.

So I don’t really agree with what Teresa Lim claim that a lot of Asian Parents are expecting ROI from their children. Not all of them, at least myself and my hubby and some friends that we know here in Singapore.

Life now is hard, would it be fair to think Life in the future would be much easier? Take care ….