Facebook VS Twitter

After for sometimes diving inside and outside Facebook and Twitter, I can come to conclusion what is the difference between those 2. Mind me! This vast moving of social media sensation to everyone of us is DIFFERENT, this is my opinion, you might be agree to it OR not, but that is the least of the matter for me. Cause this is my blog and I am free to express what i think and you are welcome to comment on it.

I started my social media adventure with Facebook honestly. I started it as to connect with friends who live overseas. And my connections are building up quite fast for the last 2 years. I did a lot of experimenting with Facebook for the fun of it. Creating pages, installing applications, exploring group pages, famous people profile and playing the ZYNGA games. You tell me! I even playing on how to set up my privacy, blocked certain people and stuff. Really i dig in and out Facebook, to know it better.

I do the same with twitter, i play around with all the functions and making connections between my blogs and these 2 media, try to work the best on my autofeed and stuffs. I think i can declare myself quite comfortable with setting up the social media apps that are available out there, be it from the PC or handphone setting. Once you masterized one of them, it is not difficult to set up the rest.

Allright! I am not going to discuss that further, what I want to touch on this post is, how am I personally looking at these 2 media differently. Based on my experience i can say Facebook is


whereas Twitter is purely and simply social media networking, with a freeflow information and not to tight decorum.

In Facebook, you are mostly connected with friends you know in personal base. Either they are friends during your school time, neighbors or simply someone you just knew but you feel like connecting more than just on the wireless form. So there are so much things going on there …. anything PERSONAL is not EASY to handle. a lot of things can be very sensitive and big issue within the second. and I am not good with that. I am totally freak out when handling personal issue i rather stay away! I usually call it DRAMA … never ever think of me as the plot on your DRAMA, I am suck big time, you WILL REGRET it. ANd that makes me scared out of hell with Facebook. Once thing become personal I rather stay away.

I had once realized it but then I continue feeding my facebook with my aspiration about life, i thought they would be a good audience who is willingly getting to know my ideas, opinion and aspiration about life. There is nothing i expect out from my sharing, it is simply adding value to the social network with what i encounter in life. But at the end i realize, a wrong audience is deffinetely a wrong approach all together. People is easily misread your opinion, and worse some think is personal attack. And all the abusive and unnecessary statuses or comments start to fly around like a free madness balloon. Some buy it and make things worse. And I do not think that is a wise idea to use Facebook to abuse someone else, but people will come up with argument “This is my WALL i can do what ever I want on my WALL”. You see just like I said …. Personal! Personal Opinion! Personal Plot and stuff.

Yeap I know, there is a ABUSE button you can click on Facebook to report someone .. and Facebook will investigate the wall of the person and justify the abusive act from one end as reported, BUT what is it FOR …. another wasting time and another DRAMA … i simply just CLICK the button .. Remove, Blocked and go away! simple as that.

This is one of the reason of many other reasons for me to stop feeding my social network stuffs to Facebook. The maturity of my audience in term of reading social media can be a sensitive issue, and i don’t think i have enough time and energy to keep up with that. I rather move on with other thing and keep myself busy for positive reasons.

And I am not looking for audience or popularity in social media, i simply WANT to connect with people from all over the world, and find out what they think or say of all the stuffs that I interest in LIFE, like Education, Parenting, Environment, Art, Music, Film, Social Media and the gadgets.

So I move on and redefine each of the social media tools for myself, and use them to their best advantage based on each of their role for me. they are simply my tools and i am here for a MEANINGFUL connections.

i have a good video from YouTube … It’s the world according to John! WHat he said there is generally I AGREE WITH, and these are the OTHERS reasons i tend to move ahead to Twitter now …

cheers! have a great day all ….