SPCA project with SMU – teach children to care about Animals!

Yesterday when i checked my daughter important file for all homeworks, paper test etc that need to be clear on the weekend from school i found the project card from SPCA. I asked miza to explain to me what is it all about. Haig Girl’s school recently arranged a talk in their school to teach the pupils the awareness of animal abuse and what is their responsibility as a part of the society. there was a video played for them and some discussion going on from the SPCA organizer as well as the SMU student.

This project was initiated by students of Singapore Management University {SMU} to support the SPCA {Society for the prevention of cruelty to the animal} and sponsored by Deutsche Bank, click here if you want to read more about SPCA in Singapore.

and this is a good video about them from YOutuBe:

In order to help this project, miza {my daughter} suppose to approach about 14 people within this month, she needs to explain to them what is this project all about and why it is so important to take care the animal especially pets. and once she completed her explanation to each of them, then they will endorsed it on the card by stating what they had just learnt from Miza explanation. once she completed the endorsement collection within the month, she will earn ANIMAL HERO CERTIFICATE from the organization.

these are the pictures of the project card that she must complete {click on the individual picture if you want to see them large}

her action plan is to approach people around her for these endorsements, like us, our neighbors, her piano and drawing teacher, my friends that we are going to meet up this coming friday and some people that she happened see at the mall on our way commuting way.

and this is miza video that she did spontaneously when she tried to explain to me what is it all about to get my endorsement. i am sure her explanation would be different each and every time, as she has to does it herself and earn the HERO CERTIFICATE herself.

Good Luck Miza ……


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