International Friendship Day in SIngapore

based on MOE guidance the International Friendship Day can be done sometimes in the 3rd weeks for term 2. most of the basic school in Singapore are celebrating this event with full hearth. This is a day dedicated to the understanding of SIngapore’s relations with the neighbouring countries and beyond. Singapore does not have natural resources like many of the neighbouring countries do, therefore one of the strong act that singapore needs to cultivate is the good relations in term of geopolitical with the countries around. This is also one effort to introduce to children the concept of global citizen.

some school celebrate it with requesting the students to come to school with traditional customs, some kids with the help of their parents really put effort to bring up the energy of these events. the children come to school with colorful and unique dressing up from different cultures and background. some comes with special day clothes and not related to any culture just for the fun of it. the school is also organizing some activities related to international day. introducing cultures, games played by children from different countries, traditional customs from other countries etc.

this is what is happening in Haig Girl’s School in a short snapshots.

i also had post a video on my blog, a speech given by one of the top senior member of the United Nation about the future of our young generation in global dashboard. click here if you are interested of watching it. she gave a good insight of what are the qualities needed within our children character to survive in the future or even to be the future leader.

i also found an interesting video done by Elias Park Primary School sometimes last year for the International Day. The school had actually arranged a skype conference call with the children from Australian HawkesDale primary school. the 2 schools students are introducing themselves to each other and discuss what they are actually doing to celebrate the days.i grab the video here

it is amazing how actually the school introduce the concept of using technology to enhance the capabilities to buildup a good relationship with friends from all over the world. Thumbs up for that ELias Park Primary School!

In my case as parents to my daughter who is student at Haig Girl’s school, i participated the parent support group or friends to HGS. I went to the school yesterday and helped a friend from sweden to show the children how to play hop-scotch the sweeden way. and surprisingly even us in indonesia play the same style as well … it is amazing how actually the games we play are actually originated from other countries. or we never know maybe it is originally from our country ….hahahhaha. But what is most important the children are having so much FUN and it is always good to have a chance to meet up my daughter in school and see a big smile on her face seeing me playing not just with her BUT with her other friends too.

Happy International Day Haig Girl’s School …. thank you for the wonderful day, see you next year for the same events! Cheers