Time! what make us stop smiling :(

I am a bit upset just now with the school bus driver of my daughter. we were trying to get on the bus and it did not go smooth, cause my daughter carries two bags one is her school bag and the other one is her art bag which usually left in the school. Yesterday she had to bring home her art bag cause she had a homework to do. So, we were a bit struggling when trying to get onto the bus. And the school bus driver was not happy he said “quick quick get onto the bus!”, and i was a bit shock ….. we are not even late! he came 2 minuets earlier than his usual time, and the time for us to get onto the bus not even consume that 2 minuets extra. in my heart …. i wanted to scream back to him! but my cool head said, what is the point. so i let this incident go.

this is not the first time, there are 2 others similar incidents too happened with the same bus driver. first, which make my daughter learns her lesson so well of NOT BEING LATE ever again. On that day, my daughter was taking her time and not listening to my instruction. So what i did was, i told her, “Fine you do not want to listen to me, now you have to do all by yourself. i am trying to rush you not because of anything else, because the school bus will not wait for you that is all!”. And true enough, she was late for one minuet or two. we were walking off the lift toward the bus when we saw the bus already completed the turn and left the car park. the bus driver did not wait at all even for one minuet or two he just left us behind, i am sure he could still have seen us from his side mirror. but well, there goes the lesson for my daughter, she was late for school too like 10 minuets. And since then on she LEARNT the lesson so well of not missing her school bus anymore.

the other incident, was when we tried to got onto the bus, the bus driver was mumbling and complaining, he said the first girl was so late, and because of her everybody else would be late. this is exactly what he said
“she is late, now everybody would be late. once one girl is late all my business today will be late … I AM JUST LATE”, in my heart i wonder, these girls are very early to school. they are the first in school and they had to wait like 45 minuets before the school start how late can he be ….??? in my heart i am sure he has other things lining up on his agenda to do, so one mistake it falls to the rest of the others.

NOW from these 2 incidents i learnt, why everyone here are very rushing! everything is rush and rush and rush! being late is unacceptable behavior, it can cause a disciplinary action. People can lost their good reputation because of time punctuality problem. that is why when you are here in singapore, you know how important a watch and a clock is for us.

we time everything we do! even government, they time the public transit, they multiply numbers of train and bus route in order to avoid jamming. They increase the number of bus and train commuting in the road so people do not have to wait for long. WAITING is very UNPRODUCTIVE here …. instead of waiting we can do many other productive things. Probably that is one of the reason the whole island is wireless now! you have no excuse of not checking on your email cause you have not clock into the office yet, you have your Ipad/Laptop/SmartPhone … WIFI is everywhere, you are sure can log into your email account.

Not only that, we live with alarm clock. if you come to my house block and around 6 in the morning you will hear alarm clock ringing one after another! some are very kiasu, they 2 or three alarm clock to ring. you don’t believe me ask singaporean they do that …. hahahahahaaha.

the government also kill the traffic jam, no excuse of being late! really … when you are late is basically your own problem. you can not blame on traffic or public transport. is YOU … you have problem with self organizing yourself, that what most people simply said when you are late for something.

So these social aspiration in singapore really create a heat in the morning time, everyone pump their heartbeat high …. pumping pumping up! rushing rushing and the clock keep ticking going forward! everyone walk so fast, they can not bare nonsense in the morning, they are not in good mood for joke and that is why WE STOP SMILING in the MORNING!

this is how Singapore is ….. TIme is important! every second means a lot!