Careless Mistake!My surviving tips!

“Kids now are so much different from our generation time. They do not respect their work, they take things easy, they do not care about a lot of things, they are simply bratz and those are the qualities that shape up the careless behavior on them now a days” said Kumon’s principle to me when I asked her opinion about the careless mistakes my daughter did on her work.

That question had actually lead to more than 15 minutes meaningful discussion with her. She gave me some tips on how to reduce the problem and eventually will over come it. I also had approached some of my friends on the social media who happened to be interested on the same subject ….parenting. i read some books as well about building up some discipline on our children. I grabbed here and there and start to cook my own recipe which I think might help my daughter overcome this problem slowly.

I wrote about the same topic as well recently, click here if you want to read it.

Based on the definition careless means

1. not giving sufficient attention or thought to avoid harms or errors
2. {of an action or its results} showing or caused by lack of attention

based on that definition some of mums i met along the way said, it is a part of borne character hence might be very difficult to train if it is too late. it is on the character and if neglected will be carried forward until older days. that is why we have people with a lot of related adjective attached to them : clumsy, disorganized, messy, lost, not punctual, stress, panic etc etc etc.

oh well! i might be fall under this category as well cause i do not have proper training before when i was kid ….LOL, so I am one of the victim! if you know what i mean *winks.

in order not to repeat the same faith, i try hard to work on it on my daughter. i try my best of finding ways on how to train to reduce this ridicule mistakes. i always said *SAYANG* means like *PITY* the mistakes happened cause of not knowing how to solve the problem but simply because of carelessness.

i want to share some tips here, mine work a bit by bit, it takes time and consistent effort from us as parents is needed to help this happening. and probably my way might not work for you, so adjust it accordingly.

so these are some things i do with my daughter:

1. i make her do the checklist of all the things she needs to carry to school everyday like her water bottle, her lunch box, her jacket, her watch, her wallet and her handphone. if you notice there are 6 items there and i told her …. “how old are you? six right so there you go six items you must remember”. i ask her to do her mental mind check list before she goes off the house to the school bus as well as before she left her school. she has to make sure all those 6 items are with her and she see it before stepping out her feet elsewhere.

2. with her works be it school work, kumon or her regular assessment, i make her repeat the whole work meaning the whole paper not just one particular mistake. i told her it is her responsibility to check her work before giving it to me, she has to make sure no mistake there and assure her self she had done her check list. if there is a mistake found she had to repeat the whole work again, and again and again until she stops the mistake. this can be very tedious and taking so much time. we need to be extra patient and stay cool and firm with the discipline. i am sure there will be a lot of complaint, nagging, angry face etc etc at the beginning. i just have to be cool headed and firm. i explain to her the benefit of the exercise and the negative effect cause by it. i hope with this painful exercise she will learn to take her work seriously and understand the consequences of her careless mistake. i also clearly explain to her the different between careless mistake and pure mistake.

3. i make sure she has enough rest after school, either by a 2 hours nap or just relaxing mind by doing simple activities that she likes the most like drawing. a REFRESH mind is indeed needed in order to be fully charged to doing the next round of exercise at home. she can not have nap everyday, but she definitely have it on alternate days. she has like 3 times a week a good full of 2 hours nap before continue with her extra work at home.

4. i make her cycle to her class on the other alternate days when she does not have her nap. it helps pumps up more oxygen to her brain as well by doing some distance of cycling from home to her other classes. sometimes when the weather is good and we know the homework are all done we continue the cycling journey to the park or to the beach nearby. it is a good chance for me too to have a good meaningful down time chat with her. we talk about many things during that short period of time.

5. i give her a short break time between her study period, usually after one subject we take a break. i prepare a nice cold orange juice or apple juice with bread. she loves it …. usually she becomes really hungry after a period of time of study.

6. honestly i control her TV watching and computer games. i can said she only has it once a week. and she did not complain about it. she told me she rather drawing her doodle or reading her books instead of watching TV or playing computer game. so these 2 activities are very minimal on her. and i do not think it is a lost really. and when she watches TV we take it as family time, cause she will be watching TV with her dad. both of them enjoy watching animal planet, discovery channel and history channel. sometimes i can hear them have a good chat about the things on TV. Some said too much TV and computer games can really create the problem of attention span. Their attention tends to be shorter and they have problem with focusing their attention into one thing.

7. i make her tidy up her own room including organizing it. i believe it becomes a total habit all-together to keep your things in order and organized. hopefully it help build a mental mind to look at things in orderly manner. disorganized and dis-function room not just giving us headache when we try to find things but it is indeed gives the air of chaotic and frantic helpless mood :p

oh well i think i am really musing here! cause i need to write it down, make it there, jolt it down so it is confirmed …. i am so going to do that!

alright! it is another busy day for me … cheers! until later …..

enjoy the youtube video from Amos Lee – Careless {happened to be the same topic but not really the same emotion :p}