Can Blogging Make You a Better Parent? | Why I Blog (via The Rookie Dad)

another parent blogger i had found in wordpress! this is bjbilinger, with his blog THE ROOKIE DAD, he shared the same notion as me when come to blogging.

a lot of us are speaking the same, it is an internal process on embracing our role as parent, an avenue for us to jolt down our thought and vent out frustration, share our joy as parents as well as living a milestone for our children to look back on one day.

good blog! click on the link and have a visit to his home page.


Can Blogging Make You a Better Parent? | Sharing a Personal Blog About Your Kids. I read this article on Man of the House and it struck me because I'd been trying to figure out away to talk about why I decided to become a daddy blogger. Not only to help me have a place where I can vent but also to jot down some of my thoughts and my findings from being a first time dad.  So in the future expect new pictures/videos and better enhancements to the b … Read More

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