The Truth about Tiger Mum – Inspired by Amy Chua

It was a big forum discussion happening within this year since the book by Amy Chua was published. A lot of people are talking about the Tiger Mum which is how the asian mother mostly raises their children. Probably in the west, all what Amy mentions where too much for them. there is an interesting article here that you can read about what is the different between Asian Parenting and Western Parenting, click here.

when you read this article you will notice the following :

“stressing academic success is not good for children” or that “parents need to foster the idea that learning is fun.” By contrast, roughly 0% of the Chinese mothers felt the same way. Instead, the vast majority of the Chinese mothers said that they believe their children can be “the best” students, that “academic achievement reflects successful parenting,” and that if children did not excel at school then there was “a problem” and parents “were not doing their job.” Other studies indicate that compared to Western parents, Chinese parents spend approximately 10 times as long every day drilling academic activities with their children. By contrast, Western kids are more likely to participate in sports teams.”

Inside this link you will also find a video of 2 daughters raised by asian parenting in US. it is interesting to listen what they actually said about their parents and how they appreciate what their parent had done for them.

Even my daughter she is 6 years old, she understand why i have to be tough to her when come to study time. She told me once “You do this for my own good mummy, i can understand it”. honestly i am very strict when come to her school and academic performance. this become my TOP Priority of being a staying home mother, otherwise I would probably go to work instead of staying home. I talk to her a lot the reason and the consequences of what is going to happen if my daughter forgo her academic performance. Most cases i can take my self as example for her. I told her how i regret myself not excel on my academic performance during my school time. I wish i can repeat that time again and I am sure what I want to do.

It is even more interesting because for the past few days i had been browsing about the Tiger mother in the internet, and my daughter who was behind my back sometimes probably had read some about it or watch the same video talk as the one i watched. she told me this yesterday ….. “Mummy, you are not Tiger MOther, you know that? Yes you are very strict to me and sometimes i do not like that but you are not like her at all …” I was quite shock to hear her statement for a 6 years old. And off course that statement was supported by her continues effort to send me love cards, love letters, high amount of hugging and kissing from her and the words …I LOVE YOU MUMMY here and there. I am glad she knows exactly why I am doing certain things to her.

Over here I also want to share a video of a chinese born daugther who was raised in America and sucesful on her academic performance and sports. You will be surprised how she really appreciate what her mother had done in the past for her. She admitted it that it was tough when she was young, and she appreciate it more when she grow up.

YOu might also want to read my post about Asian is a school stress society here, so you can understand, it is so true that academic performance is the main purpose of educating our child in Asia.

And if you watch this video you will notice …. all the fun stuff to be western and all the academic stuff is to be asian …. that was the TV host said so …. :p